What did you do with your car this week?



Filled the tank, washed and did other winter storage prep. Checked the frig, bought some decent scotch and packed the shop humidor. Then sat down and made a list of “to-do’s” on both cars for winter projects to keep me side-tracked until next spring.


Did some sandblasting and gathered parts to reassemble after the cooling fan played smash up under the hood.



Changed the starter in the 74 Fiat Spider. That top bolt is a bugger to get to.


I put Magnum 500 wheels with BF Goodrich raised white letter tires on my '72 Cougar XR7 Cobra Jet. I like the result.



I gained access to a blasting cabinet that allowed me to inspect my new cooling fan for the Corvair. Fortunately it was usable, no cracks or other scary imperfections. Otherwise just reassembling the engine compartment and staring at the interior knowing I need to finish that next.


Took the RX7 out of the house garage and took it my shop about 5 minutes away. Took the 52 Chevrolet out of the shop and drove it home. Streets were clear but it was ~ 15 F. outside. No heat in the 52 so the drive back home seemed ALOT longer.


@Jim-R - Whoo, that is a really chilly drive!


Yeah, And from the noise it was making the speedometer cable seemed to be protesting the cold too.