What evil force drives The Car?


“Oh great brothers of the night, who rideth out upon the hot winds of hell, who dwelleth in the devil’s lair; move and appear!” Anton LaVey

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I’ve watched this movie several times just for the car. Always wanted more detail about the Lincoln. Thanks for the additional info.


I was scared while watching that mysterious Lincoln way back when this movie originally came out & I will probably be scared the next time I watch this movie…


I remember watching it on tv with my girlfriend and walking her home - had to be 1980ish. If I was walking, it was before my motorcycle in 81 and first car, a 65 Chevy II in 1982. It was pretty cheesy even for 1982.


This was the influence for the ‘‘werecar’’ on the cartoon Futurama.


I remember an episode of “Restoration Garage” on the Velocity Channel where a client had the Canadian shop scratch build a “Car” replica. It was the guy’s dream but he ran out of money and the project was abandoned.