What is the BEST car museum you have ever visited?


My personal favorite is the Corvette museum in Bowling Green KY, but I’m partial. What is your favorite, and why. Feel free to rate it, 1-5 Stars if you like and we can see whose favorite comes out on Top!


I’ve seen quite a few, and each has there own special cars or exhibits, but the best one for me that knocked me off my feet was the BlackHawk Museum in Danville, CA. All the cars were beautiful, the place was cool, and a '31 red Cadillac caught my eyes forever.


My favourite was the Mulhouse car museum in Mulhouse France. Previously known as the Schlumpf Collection. It is VERY big on Buggatis, but has hundreds of cars, so plenty of overtype to keep any geared happy. The building itself is very attractive, and the cars are well-spaced, so not a crowded feeling.

I’d give is a 4.5

Haggis 38


I too have been to quite a few and still have a short bucket list - my favorite is the Petersen in LA. But favorite “small” museum, staffed mostly by volunteers was the Owls Head, Maine Transportation Museum. That said I’ve never failed to enjoy any car museums and collections!


I have been to both Blackhawk and the Museum in Mulhouse, and they are both wonderful and overwhelming. But the museum that really knocked my socks off was the original Museo Tazio Nuvolari, which was in a house. Now it has nice new quarters in Mantua after being closed for a while. There were no cars, but it was so carefully curated that you got a fantastic sense of the man.

Call me crazy, but I love small, intimate museums, like the private Stanguellini Museum that was in the back of a Fiat dealership in Modena or Dino Bandini’s private museum at his home, honoring his uncle’s cars.

Don’t get me wrong, large museums like the official Mercedes-Benz or Porsche museums are wonderful, but they lack the personal touch found in the smaller collections. Believe it or not, the Brooklands museum has the feel of a smaller museum and is quite wonderful.

What is your favorite museum?


Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, IN. It isn’t far from I80, just off I69.
I like it because of the cars.
American cars that featured unusual technology and dedicated craftsmanship.
Pretty old fashioned as I remember it but also easy to visit.
Some more extravagant or larger museums make me feel guilty if I don’t spend a day or consuct research before hand to maximize my visit.
This is more like a Friday night cruise except indoors and the cars are cooler than the average Bear!


I think the Lane Motor Museum is a must see.

But also, the Henry Ford in Dearborn has both the Indy winning Lotus and the Le Mans-winning Ford GT. Spectacular.


Auburn is a special place for me, the boat tail is probably one of my all time favorite cars!

Went to Dearborn MI as a kid and loved that museum as well.

We are very blessed in this country to have so many different places to go.

Lots of good suggestions so far, what else have you been to that is worth a trip to go see??


The Franklin Museum in Tucson, AZ. Located in a hidden neighborhood, with numerous examples of these neat old cars.


I’m going to go slightly off-topic here and recommend the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. The Spruce Goose is housed there, as is an SR-71 Blackbird, plus hundreds of other planes, helicopters, rockets, missiles, space capsules, and such. The scope and scale are mightily impressive, and it’s a day well spent.


I second @LarryWebster 's choice! The lane museum is fantastic. I might have been swayed by the bicycle exhibit that was up at the time, but regardless the cars were excellent and many were vehicles you don’t see on a regular basis (if at all!)


Well, I haven’t been to a ton of them but a couple that have stood out for me are the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada which houses the remainder of the former Harrah’s collection, a must see in my opinion.
Like Jonathan, I love seeing small personalized museums and really enjoyed the Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge a few years ago. Nice little place with a good eclectic collection inside the old Montana State prison. It was listed as one of the 10 best car museums in the country by USA Today a few years ago.


I will recommend the Gilmore museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. A great selection of cars in restored barns and a good variety of special interest events.
I also recommend the Lane Museum in Nashville, and the Indy Speedway museum. If you have any liking of Corvette’s check out the Corvette museum in Bowling Green and visit when you can tour the assembly plant across the road.


My favorite is the Auburn Cord Duesenburg museum in Auburn, Indiana. They have some great classics of many makes, a history of racing exhibit, clay models that are originals, an extensive car archive library, and the old office of E.L. Cord, as it was back them.
Labor Day weekend is especially cool when many old Duesy’s, etc. are driving around town.


The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI is my personal favorite. The combination of cars, trains and tractors/farm equipment has something for everyone. Not to mention the other side of the museum that is full of historical artifacts.


I like the Nethercutt in Sylmar, CA. Fabulous collection and there is a 1930’s period correct dealer show room replica. Many celebrity cars from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

Second favorite is Petersen in Los Angeles because of their special, rotating shows. The Vault is not to be missed.


I agree, the Henry Ford was really something to see!


As the author of the Roadster Guide to America’s Classic Car Museums & Attractions, I’ve been to a fair amount of museums to research the book. My favorite large museum in the US would be the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. It’s like visiting a dozen museums in one day. On the smaller museum side I have a soft spot for the Franklin Automobile Museum in Tucson, Arizona, which I wrote about for Hemmings Motor News. Specialty museums like that are fun to visit.

Overseas, the Cars of Socialism Museum in Bulgaria is a unique experience that immerses the visitor into the Iron Curtain era.


I agree. Both the building and the cars are unbelievable perios pices.


That is a wonderful museum. Our toured it with our mutual former VP, Rob Sass.