What is the BEST car museum you have ever visited?


I seek out car museums when I travel and I have been to some great museums. The Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, the one in New Braunsfels Texas (name escapes me at the moment) has a stunning collection, the Volo Auto Museum in Wisconsin. My favorite one though is the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Out of all the museums I have visited, that is the only one that is in the same building they were sold in back when they were new. And what a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture it is! I loved the architecture as much as the stunning collection of automobiles in it. I am turning 50 next March and it is high time I went to Hershey, PA to check out the great museums there!


@delasalle610820 - Somehow I forgot the ACD Museum in Auburn, IN. Great inclusion. You are right, the building is just as much a sight as the cars are.


Kuck Motorsports Museum in Lincoln Nebraska. The variety and quality are amazing. Privately held and maintained. It’s typically only opened for benefits and other community oriented fundraising.


The Lemay Museum in Tacoma Washington and the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, MI.


It is not a museum, Rick Hendricks private collection in Charlotte, NC.

At least 200 of the finest restored cars you could find. Mostly Chevrolet but some others.


If you’re a fan of sports racing cars, you MUST visit the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in South Philadelphia. Each of their cars is a historic race winner with complete provenance and many are unrestored. All are kept in running condition.

They have regularly scheduled demo days when they fire up and run a select group of cars at the back of their property. Not to be missed!



Probably the Henry Ford