What is your favorite Motorsport?


Nascar, F1, Rally, Drag Racing, IMSA, Endurance, Amateur, Moto GP, Trans Am, Formula D, Trophy Truck, Karting, the list goes on. All of these sports draw a different crowd, both in size and people. So my question for you is which racing is the best “spectator sport”?

In my opinion, a good spectator sport allows the crowd to see what is happening up close and personal for as much time as possible. I love love LOVE World Rally Cross, but that fact is that the car passes by you, and that’s it… that is all you’re seeing of that guy. You don’t know if he crashed, if he pulled a crazy maneuver, etc. My favorite competitive motorsport is Formula D. For those of you who don’t know, Formula D is a US based drifting competition. The season takes place during the summer months and features cars built by many different companies. It could be a Falken Tire car, or a shop’s build.

Formula D is great because the “Runs” are relatively short, often taking place at oval tracks and using the inside track as well. The bracket style competition allows you to see every driver compete at least once, and it goes from 32 drivers down to a head-to-head battle. If you’re not familiar with Formula D, watch one video and you’ll be hooked.

What’s your favorite motorsport? Share below!