What is your favorite orphan car brand?


Pontiac. I still own my first car, a 1974 Pontiac Firebird Esprit that was purchased in October 1974 as a model year leftover. Parked it in my Dad’s garage from 1985 until 2014 when it was made road worthy once again. Only purchased Pontiacs until their demise. Was devastated when GM made the decision to keep Buick and kill Pontiac.


Checker motors Corp. We have a few and they are a lot of fun. My fav is our nyc survivor cab.


DeSoto. Own a '60 Adventurer. Great fins, power, comfort, ‘futuristic’, plus we had Groucho Marx- nobody else had Groucho , with DeSoto sponsoring “You bet your life”, with George Feneman and the DeSoto JINGLE!


All the mid 50’s Desotos until the end were pretty great. I had a 59 2dr. HT that I sold when I was in college for $250. I like most all the orphans mentioned, but loved my 67 GTO and 69 Grand Prix SJ


We also have a mint 79 olds 98 regency diesel. Remember those???


I haven’t seen any Plymouths listed here; remember the Belvedere Super Stock, Road Runner and GTX? Not to mention the unloved Prowler. I currently own three of the aforementioned five vehicles (no Prowler or Road Runner) and love them. They reside alongside three Oldsmobiles and six Pontiacs. I guess you could say I have a thing for orphaned cars!


Pontiac. I had a '57 Pontiac Chieftain before I went in the Army in 1961 and a different '57 Chieftain when I got out in 1964, I currently own a 1957 Chieftain – https://tinyurl.com/My1957pontiacchieftain – that had a frame off restoration in 1990. My first three cars were Pontiacs. Guess I have a thing for them. :slight_smile:

I see lots of '57 Chevys at car shows, but so far, no other '57 Pontiacs.

However, daily drivers are my 2012 Honda Pilot and my wife’s 2018 Honda CR-V.


Sunbeam! I had a 1967 Alpine in high school & college and a 1965 Tiger for 27 years as an adult.


STUDEBAKER of course, and AVANTI!


1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint in Corinthian white, red interior. Had one when too young to appreciate it fully as a keeper, but certainly got plenty of use from it.

Another, which happy to have now, is a euro-spec 1990 G60 Corrado by VW. Great performance with trick GLader factory supercharger.


Plymouth…no question. A very long running brand with a wide range of product from reliable gems (Valiant), to flashy (original Fury), to the ultimate musclecars and pony (Road Runner, GTX, 'cuda). There are even trucks like the Trailduster and the one-year-only '83 Plymouth Scamp.


Oldsmobile! Oldsmobile! Oldsmobile!


@michael.hull5344 - That hill hold feature is awesome- once you get used to it! I had a modern car with it and it really took me some time to break my habits for hill starts with the clutch once I sold it.


They eventually did , my Mini had it.


Subaru still has it on many current models.


Hudson had hill holder as an option as did a few others. I believe Subaru offers it now.


AMC. The more I see & read about these cars the more I realize what we drivers lost when they quit production.
I also never realized their contribution to the high performance market.


Ok how about a Tucker Torpedo. There were around 50 of them made so when you go to a car show most likely no one will have one!! Preston Tucker has a very interesting history as well.


Love a Merkur XR4Ti. Love it or hate it styling today just like when it was sold new. Eclectic choice now. Rare, sporty and always gets looks (good or bad)!


@ssacamp - Those XR4Ti’s are such neat cars. I feel like you have to be “in the know” to recognize them too, which is fun.