What is your road-trip car of choice?


Kyle I grew up with muscle cars , & Harleys . I love the sound & torque of a big block Chevy . I just purchased a 1978 Suburban , one owner from Az. It has a nice 454 CI . & a heavy duty turbo 400,trans. Ran like a champ back to Santa Fe NM :+1:


My road trip car of choice is my 66 Ford LTD, Q code 428/C6. My wife and I have been all over the west coast in it. From LA to British Columbia, thru the interior of Nevada and Oregon with several other trips up the coast of Calif, Oregon and Washington on SR 1, US101 with a few return trips on US 395. The car is big and comfortable, large trunk, good ride and plenty of power for rural high speed cruising. The Galaxie/LTD always attracts attention when we stop with the usual “I had one just like it only different.” Some people are amazed that we would drive an “Old car” into some of the most remote and rural areas in the West. I also have a couple of other great road trip cars that get used once in a while, they are my 60 and 61 Starliners.


@svopwr - There is nothing more entertaining on a road trip than the “I had one just like that one except” stories at every stop. I could only imagine what you get driving a body style as common as the LTD.


Our Lincoln Town Car with air suspension is by far the best, the quietest, the smoothest and best riding car we’ve every had, decent mileage too, like riding in your front room sofa.
My second best has been our '54 Ford Crestline fordor, nice big heavy car that rides and drives very well, the original 239Y gives 20 mpg and more, the Lincoln about 23 on the road, sometimes 24.
Power, speed and noise on a long trip is what I do not want, don’t need speed tickets either, haven’t had one for 40 years and that was when it was 55 mph EVERYWHERE.
A trip is to enjoy, see things, avoid the rush and hussle, make the trip the important part, not the destination.


My favorite road trip car is my '62 Corvette restomod. With the “Corvette Correction” chassis and a late model LS1 under the hood it is a blast to cruise in and gets 27 MPG (better than my wife’s Honda). We have driven Route 66 ( I was Todd and she was Buzz for those of you that remember) and we just last year drove the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cheraholla Parkway, and Nachez Trace. Not quite as comfortable as a new Suburban or any of the new egg shaped sedans but the thumbs ups and the attention I get at every gas stop more than make up for the difference in ride quality.