What it’s like to drive a Can-Am Porsche 917-30 on the newest Hagerty Sidedrafts podcast episode


Anyone who has been to the palatial Northern California shop of vintage car collector, restorer, racer, and seller Bruce Canepa knows that he’s a guy who trades in the big stuff: Porsche 917s, Ford GT40s, authentic Cobras, Porsche 959s, and whatever else comes along that catches his interest. And for everyone else, Canepa invites them to come on by the shop in Scotts Valley, just north of Santa Cruz, and visit his showroom and museum, a marked door from which leads to a catwalk overlooking the restoration shop.

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Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the Porsche 917 and especially the GULF livery!
I do have an odd question though (even though I have been a "car guy my entire life): I never noticed that the driver/steering wheel are not in the dead center of the car, or offset to one side or the other as a normal European or American car would be. Why would the driver offset so slightly?
BEAUTIFUL car, by the way!!!