What’s hot and what’s not for these 9 vintage Nissans and Datsuns


Japanese sports cars from the ’90s are all the rage right now, especially among younger buyers. Leading the charge is the long-lusted-after Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R that became legal to import from Japan in only the last few years. Look past the GT-R, though, and Nissan has a rich history going back to the earliest days of Datsun splashing onto the sports car scene in the 1960s and early ’70s. And from the purity of the ’63 Datsun 1500 roadster to the advanced technological trickery of the 1990 Nissan 300ZX, there’s plenty to enjoy at a price just about any collector or enthusiast would find reasonable.

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I buy cars I like whether or not the rest of the market agrees just determines if a get a good or great deal. For about five years I have used a 350Z as a daily. The 03 350Z is new enough to have some trim levels with stability control (necessary) and air bags but the whole car still feels mechanical with a manual transmission. not a collector yet and it may never be but I have a great time driving into work!


I agree, it’s more about the feeling you get from the car, to me the 300ZX TT Just has that something special. So the “NOT” hot status means nothing to me… I’ve never been randomly waved at and waved down more before owning a Z car. And even in 2018, my 91 Aztec Red TT is one hell of an eye catching lady for sure that gets instant respect.