What’s hot and what’s not in 80’s and 90’s luxury cars


When high-end luxury cars first hit the market, paint sparkling and leather so plush, they’re often out of reach for the average Joe and Jane. You might admire a stylish Cadillac, Mercedes, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce from afar, imagining that one day you’ll have the time and money to simply cruise the open road in the lap of luxury. The good news? From the moment these cars drive off the dealer lot, our old friend depreciation starts to chip away at those values.

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I wonder if Cadillac’s HT4100 aluminum V8 is responsible for the lack of interest in Cadillacs of the '80’s.


I worked for Cadillac in 83-85 ,they did 5 4100’s motor replacements a week !!


I owned a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Coupe with the HT4100. GM denied there was a problem until I found a Cadillac dealer thru my brother that was an Olds dealer. They replaced the cam and 6 months later it went out again. I wrote to Mr. Smith, GM CEO, and explained the situation and he replied that all cars have problems and he suggested I try another brand. I did just that and sent him a picture of my new Lincoln sitting beside my old Fleetwood in my driveway and thanked him for his great advise. That Lincoln was bullet proof and gave years of trouble free driving!


I have friends that are used car dealers and have attended auctions with them many times. One thing that struck me were the absolutely pristine, low mileage cadillacs that no one would bid on! If it had a Northstar it didn’t sell. One in particular, don’t recall the year now but it was a showroom fresh, one owner trade in with 70k miles, an absolutely gorgeous car. The auctioneer started at a grand but within seconds was down to $300 asking for a starting bid. I was nudging my buddy, I was going to buy it but he said don’t do it! Well it didn’t sell.
One of the big issues with these Northstars they said was head gaskets, not usually a huge concern but with these engines it was the cause of the head gasket failure that required many thousands of dollars to repair correctly. They told me to check the temp light whenever I saw one coming through auction, but I argued the beauty that just went through had no dash lights on!
Well I went again the following week and there were a few of these that went through the line and sure enough every one had a temp light on, including that cream puff I nearly bought the prior week!


Eric, The HID headlights came out in late 95. The gen 1 HID’s are rare, and are selling for $600 +. All the interest in insuring MK VIII’s is because I told all my MK VIII friends what a great company Hagerty is.


What about the late 70s early 80s Continentals? What a great cruise car. I’m considering buying one and cruise to San Diego. Not to mention the designer series. Man, big long square giant car just oozing luxury all over the place. I’m sure all don’t agree but for me, great car.