What’s the best-ever police cruiser?


The Massachusetts State Police had them as un marked but they were all red. My sister had the same car she never got a speeding ticket.


@michael - An un-marked red patrol Camaro? That would throw me for a loop!


Yes they had 2 out of the Holden Massachusetts barracks both bright red. They also used Mustang GT’s before the Camaro. I don’t think they catch as many speeders now because we have a pull over law. People spot a police car on the side of the highway and they pull over one lane to the left and slow down. Just a well we don’t lose as many of our troopers to cars hitting them anymore. The last one was 2 years ago.


I have an unmarked 1991 Bright Red B4C and a Teal Metallic 1992 B4C. The Red one was going to be used as a bait car for the NYC Auto Theft Task Force but they never took delivery due to budget shortfall. Thats what saved it from getting destroyed had it seen that service. It sat in a warehouse for 2 years because GM wouldnt allow public to buy B4Cs until the 4th Gens came out in 93. The original owner picked it up at that warehouse and kept it for 23 years until I bought it and luckilly he had kept all the original docs including window sticker, dealer invoice, and GM-to-Chevrolet Dealer docs that were supposed to go with the car to the NYPD. The Teal one was an Indiana State Police Interceptor and was sold at their surplus auction in 2001. No paperwork but I was able to ID it to the State Police unit number.
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I own a 2001 black Z28 B4C Camaro mine is # 1 of 9 that were produced for North Carolina Highway Patrol by Chevrolet Performance Division has a 6.0 LS SLP, BMR suspension, Wilwood disc brakes, Borla exhaust, it was the Midnight Express Program


Alfa Romeo Giulia Super


Did over twenty years of 36 total in several different models. About 10 years as a Emergency Vehicle Operations Driving Instructor. From strickly a police utilitarian viewpoint it’s close between the early 80’s Caprice and the Crown Vic’s of the late 90’s/2000’s. Both looked like they were beat with an ugly stick in the design department, but were mechanically bullet-proof. Good trunk space (there never seemed to be enough). Both were heavy full-framed aerodynamic bricks. While the Caprice was good for IT’S time, if I had to choose, I’d go with the CV for it’s surprisingly level cornering, WAY better brakes, predictable limits and relative long legs…top speed loaded down with 300+ lbs of gear plus officer was about 125 on level ground (4.6). LT Mustangs and Camaros were cool but relegated to the interstate for troopers. And while their LED lighted cool-factor was obvious and acceleration impressive, fleet maintenance could never seem to keep front ends and transmissions in the Chargers. And the trunk space and brakes were better in the CV’s.

Now…if you want talk my PERSONAL favorite :blush:


@Jim-R - Awesome to hear some real world experience. The Crown Vic seems to have really earned its reputation. The Panther platform underneath it is an awesome base for a car.


One other memory about the Crown Vic’s…
Among other things like (IIRC) bigger radiator/ trans coolers, stiffer springs and thicker sway bars, the ‘Police Interceptor’ package got an LSD. With the weight in the trunk and good snow tires it was awesome in Midwest winters. Your only worry was ground clearance. Very important before widespread availability and adoption of AWD SUV’s.


Lots of great cars mentioned here. I like the 78-79 Trans Ams used by Catoosa County, Georgia’s Sheriff’s Department, especially the WS6’s in the late 70’s - ??80’s?? (not sure when they were worn out). I’m sure they were appreciated on some of the curvy roads and when needed to cover some ground on I-75. Thanks Sheriff Stewart, rest in peace!


I agree with first poster, the 9C1 was the RPO for the Caprice with police package.
Some middle east guys liked them too…


Buick also made a version that was nearly identical to the Grand National, but had stock paint and upholstery. Looked like just your everyday Regal, but drove like a Grand National. Very popular with FBI agents and undercover officers.


YUP!..one of those Regal 4 door sedans came into the Chevy shop for an oil change…under the hood was the Grand National turbo engine…the FBI pilot said that there several of these plain wrappers on duty…none ever showed up in federal disposal auctions that I know of


I was in trucking for 40 years, retiring in 95. I got to know alot of NY State troopes from driving long doubles on the Thruway. Somebody talked about the Mustangs they had but they couldn’t get out of them fast enough and back into the Crown Vics when the weather got bad. The Mustangs were even treacherous in the rain, let alone the snow.


FYI - No such thing as a Camaro interceptor or any other association by manufactures other than Ford with the automotive term “Interceptor” , since it’s a registered trademark - see following url


Fair enough. But regardless, they looked great and were the fastest tools in their arsenal that had wheels at the time.


Speaking as a former Fleet manager, the Crown Vic was the best ever. The safest, the easiest maintenance, the most versatile. The CV was the smallest car that law enforcement would accept. They’re all driving SUVs now.


Here in the Baltimore county area, many components of the police, especially those with the transportation authority who patrol the toll tunnels & bridges love using confiscated vehicles to patrol the highways. And of course, their favorites are Camaros, Mustangs & Challengers. Hard to blame them, isn’t it :sunglasses:



I’ve driven a lot of different police cars during my career. Overall, the early 1990’s Crown Vics were the best. When you work a 12 hour shift, you want something comfortable.

The mid-nineties Caprices were very fast but had handling issues.

As far as older models, I preferred the 1974 Plymouth Grand Furys.

The coolest ones today seem to be the Dodge Chargers.