What’s under the hood of the Corvette C8.R?

Chevrolet has been coy about the C8.R, but there’s no hiding the fact that the brand’s factory-backed endurance racing team would be moving to the road car’s mid-engine platform. Still, Chevrolet remains tight-lipped about the powertrain details for the upcoming endurance challenger that’s set to make its race debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona next January.

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What’s under the hood of the Corvette C8.R? Nothing, they’re on strike :wink:
Seriously though, it’s fun seeing so much interest in the Corvette again.

gwoods is correct, under the hood is storage, so nothing would be correct answer!

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Hood, noun: a cover for parts of mechanisms specifically the movable metal covering over the engine of an automobile.

Although since this definition mentions metal, I guess no Corvette has ever had a hood.

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After all this time they finally do a mid engine Vette. Unfortunately (for me) the body is over styled like they had all these ideas and just threw up their hands and put them all on one body ala the Pontiac Aztek. Sad to say you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression…

The styling is just too much, too many added bits, too much of a plastic look. Sometimes less is more. But heck I’ll likely never own one so I’m just a spectator taking a jab at it I guess.

Gonna need higher RPM with mid engine. Pushrod would be stopgap. Over Square high rpm favors top end speed being maintained.

Hood is defined as the front top of a car or other vehicle that covers and protects the engine, or a protective covering that removes fumes or exhaust.

  1. An example of a hood is the part of your car that you lift in order to find the dip stick to check your oil.

My dictionary had the above definition, making “nothing” the correct answer! "What’s under the hood just isn’t the correct title for subject matter. No big deal, life will move on anyway.

Seems we will have to wait and see how the new bodywork fares in competition. I’m reminded of how the motorcycling community responded in 1999 to the Suzuki Hayabusa. Nobody really knew what a 300kph bike should look like back then!

Chevrolet should have no trouble getting 550 HP normally aspirated out of the LS3 in race-built form. The power to weight restrictions in GTLM will likely limit their HP, as seen in the C7R. Street version had more HP than race version, thanks to air restrictors…That being said, a smaller displacement flat plane engine or the Cadillac idea could lead to some interesting engine options for the street version…

Confused by:

specially with the race version of the engine likely using a big bore/short stroke combo to get the maximum air flow out of the heads and keep piston speeds low for longevity

Isn’t an over square design usually also high reving? Yes, you can flow more goodness through big heads by using big pistons, but flat-plane or not, piston speed is not low (for any reason)…

Given the same engine speed, an engine with a shorter stroke will have a lower piston speed than an engine with a longer stroke.

Over the past 45+ years and as the Corvette has evolved, I have not been so interested in a new Corvette as I am now in a long long time… Is it edgy, yeah, is it wild, yeah, but so much can be had for so little money…

Yes, ok. At the same crank speed (rpm), I was thinking how different (race or street) engines make peak power at different engine speeds (and therefore higher or lower relative piston speeds) but wasn’t thinking at a fixed rpm.

OK so where does"so little money" come from? Reports I’ve heard puts the MSRP higher than my house…and no bathroom while I have two baths. Guess I('ll have to keep digging in the hopes of striking oil.