What’s Up, Doc? takes the Bullitt chase formula and adds big laughs


Peter Bogdanovich made What’s Up, Doc? on a dare. John Calley, head of Warner Brothers at the time, told Bogdanovich that Barbra Streisand had just seen The Last Picture Show and wanted to make a movie with him. Unfortunately, the studio provided Bogdanovich with script he disliked. When informed about his disapproval, Calley asked, “Well, look, if you had to make a picture with Streisand, what kind of picture would you do?” Bogdanovich said, “Oh, I don’t know. Screwball comedy, something like Bringing Up Baby.” Calley told him go for it, so Bogdanovich did.

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This has been my go-to movie for years! A great cast of characters with some brilliant laugh-out-loud lines. That poor VW van though…Thanks for writing this!