What’s your favorite vintage wagon?


We recently visited the Hot Rod Power Tour and came back with a renewed appreciation for wagons. They’re roomier and often have better lines than a sedan, plus many of them feature unique taillights or trim that make them stand out. Wagons have long had a cult following, and you can count several members of the Hagerty staff among the long-roof-loving zealots.

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Volvo 1800ES
1960 Rambler Cross Country


Proud owner of a 1980 Volare premiere wagon!80ply52337-1


My favorite is the 1957 Ford Del Rio 2 door station wagon, green & white, because it was my first car ever. Paid $135 in 1972 for it. Learned body & paint on that car, wish I still had that one.


Studebaker Wagonaire… great idea to have the roof slide in the back and you could actually get an Avanti powered one!


1969 Dodge Coronet 500 wagon with 383 & Torqueflight. Family hauler, trailer puller & big enough to sleep in while hunting.


I have a 1957 Chevy 4 door wagon.


My vote is for the Volvo 1800ES sportwagon. I have always liked these ever since I first saw one. And I am fortunate to own one too!! Mine sat in the original owner’s garage just east of San Diego for 25 years after he was no longer able to drive. After new carpets, seals and perishables, she is now like new and without the rust that these often have.


It could be a movie, or a single event, but if the vehicle fits you wear it. So, it’s not the exact year or model, but it gets the job done- Vacation the movie, or my vacation event as a kid, circa 1956 …(and smacking into a row of mules in North Virginia). This is my jewel of a drive, where’s Edna?


I’d vote for my 1976 Buick Estate Wagon. The longest production wagon built. Not only does it feature the venerable Buick 455 V8 (last year) but it includes the famed clamshell electric tailgate. The disappearing tailgate was one of the few Motoroma prototype features that actually made it to a production car.


My vote is any Pinto wagon! There are others that are nice but drive a Pinto and you will find out just how many people will want to talk or just take pictures of your car. You find that if you need to be somewhere special leave early if you need to stop because you will be stopped by one or more people so they can talk to you. It’s gets more looks and smiles then a Chevelle, Camaro, Chevy van, 69 Chevy truck or ElCamino




My parents bought a brand new 1966 Chevelle wagon with a 283 and power glide. My Mom loved that car and we made a lot of family trips in it. Wish I could find a decent one.


My 58 Yeoman 2door. Only year they were made.


In my case, I was practically raised in a '57 Plymouth Sport Suburban, which from new until its 1967 demise in a 3/4 head-om collision made several trips cross-country and up & down the West Coast. I still have scars from the wreck, so i’t pretty much been in my blood. Since, the list of wagons includes a '56 Chevy 150, '58 Sport Suburban, '65 Fairlane, '70 Satellite (ordered as a wagon version of a Road Runner, drivetrain & brakes), a '63 savoy I built as a Max Wedge 4-speed tribute, and a BB '64 Savoy. Can’t think of an old wagon I dislike. Best use of the space a vehicle occupies. Like a pickup, ponycar, musclecar, and an economy “beater”, I always have one in the fleet.


My Mom had a 1964 Oldsmobile Fiesta full sized station wagon. We used to ride in the cavernous rear compartment area all the time until she almost has a serious accident one day and flung us around back there. Today, I own a 1964 Jetstar I and every time I drive it the smell, sound and they way that Slim Jim transmission shifts take me back to when I was 11 years old riding in my Mom’s Fiesta!


Here’s my favorite. It’s a 1967 Ford Country Squire 10 pass wagon. My favorite because it’s my car! I’m the lucky owner of this beauty that I found just this past December. Bought from a guy that had it for 17 years and kept it in pristine condition.


The only wagon I’ve ever owned was a 1973 Vega GT Kammback. Great little car except for the engine. Handled like a 3/4 scale Camaro, and I loved it, but after getting THREE engines from GM, I traded it in on a 72 El Camino SS.


I retromodded a '63 Ford Fairlane by putting the driveline and suspension ( air springs and all ) as well as the steering column, electric seats and climate control system out of a 1989 Liincoln Mk 7 into the body “shell”.Farilane%20PF