What’s your favorite vintage wagon?


Been a Wagon Guy since my dad brought home a 56 Chevy Nomad (Green & Yellow) back in 1961. I’ve had some great wagons and Suburbans, but the Holy grail is the one I found last summer in Daytona Beach,
1957 Packard Clipper town and Country wagon. Came with a 275hp 289 Studey motor with a McCullough Supercharger. (mine was “lost” somewhere, but will replace it). MY car has an even stranger twist. It was in the Harrah’s Auto Collection in Reno, NV up until 1984. (I have the docs) It had a Not-So-Easy 30 plus years, but it is mostly original and intact. The best part about this car is NO One knows what it is or has ever seen one. Total production , 869, mine is #630. Factory Power steering & Brakes, Wonder Bar Radio, Posi-traction rear, sway bars, Packard Chrome everywhere. It’s a work in progress


1974 Datsun 260Z Sport Wagon 2+2. Definitely.


My 1966 Chevelle Malibu wagon of course!


People! Ford woodies! Especially a maroon ‘40! Finest styling, and jaw-dropping woodwork of true craftsmen. Every observer will give thumbs up…if he/she is conscious. And the Beachboys agree!


I’ve been driving around Northern California since 1982 in a compact (2-door) 1959 Rambler American station wagon; fire engine red, equipped with only a small (196 cu. inch) flathead 6 cyl. engine. I also have a pink '60 American 2-door coupe, with a continental kit. . . .since 1985. . . and a 4-door 1964 Rambler Classic, but the station wagon is the rarest of the bunch, and seems to get the most attention at classic car meets.

Steve Green



My 1959 Chevy Nomad


1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


Almost any '60s or '70s wagon version of a popular muscle car would be great, especially if the owner created something that the factory never produced. I once saw a 1969 Roadrunner station wagon with a 440. My favorite factory creation would be a Vista Cruiser with a healthy 455.


You should have taken pics of wagons! I was wasn’t able to do the whole tour, just the Darlington stop. Had registered for Charlotee too (both about 2 hours from home), but hit a curb while gassing up the morning I was headed to Charlotte and knocked front end out of alignment bad enough not to drive that far – only 15 minutes out! I’ve been driving this car since 2003, and for the first 7 years was a daily driver.

I think a lot of people prefer the wagon if they have to have a four door. Something a bit more “special” about a wagon over the ubiquitous four door sedan.

63 Rambler Classic, hopped up Jeep 4.0L (that’s the AMC/Rambler six with a new head and EFI guys!), AW4 auto, Jag IRS, 90s T-bird rack and pinion steering, 90s S-10 tilt steering column, 90s Eagle Premier power seats.


The 1956 Chevy Nomad was the most beautiful of the Wagons of the past. When was a kid in Dad raced his Nomad and it was a force to be reckoned with…


In the Fall on 1954 I saw my dream car for the first time. I was at Helm Chevrolet in Modesto, CA and they were rolling out the new 1955 models. In the lineup was a blue and white '55 Chevy Nomad with every bell and whistle they could put on it. I have never owned one, but I’ve lusted after that model for the many years since! What a car !


any wagon I have or have owned is my favorite; currently own this 1993 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, 49,000 original miles, but had a 1970 Chevy Wagon, a 1991 Chevy Wagon, a 1985 Pontiac Wagon, a 1975 Chevy Wagon and 5 more over the years. Road travel is unsurpassed, smooth, comfy and by now all the wagons, even the 1993 Buick now, gets daily thumbs up and great comments.


My 1955 Bel Air Nomad stock as came off the Van Nuys line in 1955, numbers matching 265 V*, only updates: Vintage Air & R700 tranny w/ overdrive (that

HAGARTY Insures!!)


How about my 1962 Chevy Belair
Factory paint and interior with 58k miles and a 380 HP 409 3 on the tree


Although the restoration is not complete, this 56 Ford Wagon is my favorite. I will soon be my daily driver.



i am the proud owner of my father’s 1957 Belair Wagon - no not the Nomad. It’s a 4 door beauty in Aztec Copper and Creme top. Rebuild 283, 4 barrel and rebuilt the orginal auto transmission. Added a few comfort items, vintage air, air shocks and duel exhaust. It is a real cruiser!


Well, having had an ‘unusual’ first car (which I purchased for the princely sum of $100) I am still fond of the even more rare wagon version…


My 1955 DeSoto Wagon, haven’t seen a second one at a car show yet.


This is my 1951 Willys Wagon, Model 4X473. It’s powered by the “Hurricane” F-134 engine with a 3-Speed Tranny & 4-Wheel Drive. Not very fast, but around town, lots of fun. They made this car with very few changes from 1947 to 1965. Why change a good thing. LOL


I think this year’s GM cars were amongst its Best, and the Chevrolets and Pontiacs were the best looking of those. This car is Gorgeous! I’m Jealous!!