What’s your favorite vintage wagon?


Cool Find, and Extremely Rare, even when new! LOL Enjoy!


2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8. Already a collector car.


long roofs forever!my%20car


1974 Caprice Estate Wagon: only a fav because my uncle worked for GM and was able to special order it with a 400 small block “Police Package” which meant no emission controls. My uncle & Dad were drag racers - just with families now - so they immediately ported the heads, cammed it, made headers, added glass packs, and because my Dad was a radiator man by trade, he built a custom radiator that would cool a freight train after the factory one couldn’t keep up. My Uncle drove it for about 3 years and then my Dad bought it from him. Dad drove it until 1981when it became my high school car for awhile as I looked for my first car. It wouldn’t win any drag races, but I could smoke the tires for nearly a city block. Weekends, everyone would pile into the “party wagon” with reverse flip back 3rd row seat. After I bought my 1st car, Mom took the car back driving it for another 3 yrs until I needed a new car at college, but this time I was told I had to keep it. It would still surprise a hell-of-a-lot of people. Finally, the gas bills were just too much and I sold it around 1986 or so, still running great. It was the original family queen truckster.



Peaches, my 1955 Hudson Rambler Super Cross Country Wagon. I restomoded it with a 230 Buick V-6 engine, Turbo 350 tranny, Chevy S-10 rear end, Chevy Corvair front suspension, 15" Chevy S-10 Steel wheels with Coker Classic Wide White Walls. peaches%20(18)


1965 Ford Falcon Squire wagon with all factory loaded options. Mine currently has a 5.0 roller motor & AOD transmission very fun cruiser!


Well, I’ve never owned one and have only ever seen them once or twice and after reading through all the replies, I’m surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned, but I’ve always thought the 1957-58 Buick Caballero was one of the best looking wagons ever made. I love the looks of the hardtop design, prefer the '58 but they were both really cool.


I couldn’t pick a favorite, so I made one. '92 Custom Cruiser, Olds 455, TBI, and other stuff!


My 57 Chevy driver


My 1963 Impala Wagon.


I Drive an '05 Dodge Magnum RT and have a spare. My choice for a vintage wagon would be a '57 Buick Caballero.


My favorite wagon that I owned as the original buyer was a Red '73 Volvo 1800ES, Black interior, A/C, Overdrive, Am/Fm Stereo Cassette with Recording Microphone. This car had Beautiful Styling and lots of fun to drive especially above 70 mph. It now lives the good life with great owner in California with about 30k original miles on it, and looks Showroom! Rod


1961-64 Ford Country Squire woody wagon!


150 Handyman. I love this wagon. My wife wasn’t quite on board when I wanted to buy my first classic car. Once I showed her the wagon, it was a done deal. I’ve four kids and we have six seatbelts and we roll. 350 with a Muncie 4 speed. Looks and sounds like a wagon should. My kids tell me I can sell any of my cars but the wagon. This one they say it’s a keeper for Life.


1996 (Buick Roadmaster) Superior hearse and 1994 (Buick Roadmaster) S & S hearse, although in the eyes of Ohio they are NOT station wagons which have four doors and two seats!


Mine! Resto modded with AMC/Jeep 4.0L/AW4 combo, Jag IRS, T-bird rack and pinion steering, S-10 Blazer steering column. Factory 63 AC system inside mated to the 4.0L compressor. Most people (not as many car people like on here!) don’t realize the 4.0L is a continuation of the 1964 232 six. Some changes over the years, but major components (crank, rods, cam, and even head) interchange from 64-06… with some caveats like matching crank/rods/pistons for correct fit (may require custom pistons or rods).


My choice has to be the 1955 or 1956 Chevy Nomad! Absolutely beautiful!!!


Gotta be one of the 57 Ford wagons, All are beautiful


There are several wagons I like, but the two that I have actually owned
and driven extensively are a 1963 Olds F-85 with the aluminum V8 - surprisingly quick, and a good commuter car, and my all time favorite,
a totally stock 1958 Hillman Husky. Even with only about 46 hp, I found I could drift it on tight freeway onramps due to the short wheelbase ! It got great mileage, and had room to haul motorcycle engines, etc. The rear opening was a full width door, making it easier to load and unload heavy objects. The passenger seat would fold up against the dash so that wit the rear seat folded down, there was small SUV- like cargo space. The trans was a “granny” 4 speed, with an extremely low first gear - normal procedure was to start off in 2nd gear unless hauling a load. Sadly, these cars are almost completely vanished now - I haven’t seen one in Hemmings for well over a year, and parts are quite sparse this side of the pond… I did see one with a Sunbeam Alpine 1725 drivetrain on a “Bring a Trailer” auction not too long ago, but it was too far away, and I have too many projects as it is…sigh…


The 56 and 57 Chevy wagon are the best of the best. I owned a Nomad in the late 60’s and enjoyed the sportiness of that model. Now, over 50 years later, the four door is my desire.