What’s your state’s most popular classic car?


The classic car market has had its fair share of hot streaks over the last few years, but the mainstays of the market matter as well. We wanted to dig in and find out what the most popular car is according to our members, so we took a look back at the insurance quote data from 2017 to see what rose to the top. Here are our members most quoted cars, when broken down by state.

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You wrote: “The Camaro claims the top spot in just eight states, but interestingly none of those eight are found east of the Rocky Mountains.”
Am I missing something, I count 7 EAST of the Rockies!

Some numbers would have been nice.



I agree about the numbers TNC but read it again! It says WEST


I have a 65 Mustang and have loved them ever since they came out.


1965 Mustangs seem very popular in Colorado, I see a lot of them around Denver.
I have a 1965 (1964-1/2) Mustang Coupe, V-6 to sell (Denver Colorado), 80,000 miles.
My deceased mother was original owner, used in southern California mainly, not yet restored, but mechanic got everything running well, ready to restore by a new owner.
Looking for suggestions on how to sell.
Gary Desmond


On selling your 1965 Mustang, you can try Ebay, Classic Car Trader, big auction houses, Craigslist, etc. Use the Hagerty valuation guide to determine your price. FYI: There was not a “V-6” option for the early Mustangs. You either got an I6 or a V8. The I in I6 stands for inline (straight six). The V denotes an engine configuration that is shaped like a V (i.e. 4 cylinders on each side). Make sure and post your data plate (trailing edge of driver door) info with your ad. The data plate will give buyers all they need to know about your Mustang. You might consider keeping the car, they are great drivers and easy to work on and the parts network is fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that it is very reasonable to insure through Hagerty Insurance!


I agree the first Gen Mustangs are amazing
I’ve got a 66 and just finished a replacement engine trans and drive line
It was a straight 6
Now a 289
People stop me every where I go to say how much they love the car


While my first new car was a 1968 Mustang coupe, I currently have a 1966 A-code four speed fastback. After driving it for years, I am currently doing a concours restoration on it, and can’t wait to get it back on the road. Way more fun to drive than current cars.