What to look for in a Datsun 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z

Thank you GSM for the information. It brought to mind another oddity about my car. As stated I purchased the Z new in Dec. 1970. It was sold as a 1971 model. The pictures I see of 1971 models show differently than my car. For example my car had the 240Z emblems on the pillars and the vents on the tailgate as well as the previously mentioned manual throttle. Also had the solid steering wheel spokes. Is there a sure way to tell if it was a 70 or 71 ? Would the serial number be the key ? I suppose the features that I’ve mentioned could have been carried over from one year to the next but I have not noticed this. Hopefully this info will help others who also are looking for a Z.

I don’t need to look for a used Z, I purchased my 1973 240Z new … It has had a few “improvements” over the years (mostly internal / out of sight) but it is clearly not “stock” either; but I don’t have a problem with well thought out modifications (and neither do all my “Z” buddies that attend ZDayZ and ZCON).

That said, great article on a “classic” that is getting some well deserved attention (IMNSHO)!

Cher Sean (I know, a bit presumptive of me to just presume your native language is French … ),

If you are open to travel,the two really big US events are ZDayZ in the North Carolina mountains and ZCON held at various venues in North America. We welcome foreign visitors. I am in South Carolina and would consider helping anyone from the Datsun-France group that would like to attend ZDayZ.


Larry Danner
1973 one owner 240Z

Hi Larry.

Oh, a good guess but can be 50/50 right or wrong !

I’m English, here since 20 yrs and nearly 5yrs before that in Holland. Headed up the UK Z club before leaving and members of the Dutch and French clubs before heading the French one atm and owed a 240Z since 30yrs.
My Z is in a long-term restoration and kids in college and work seem to eat up mosty of my time - you could google my name though, Sean Dézart.

I thank you dearly for the kind offer but must decline.

Long live Zs and the great people that own them !



Hi Sean,

I follow the Datsun Facebook pages for France, UK, Switzerland and Hungary. Since I travel international, there is a possibility for me to connect with Z owners in Europe. That said, please extend my offer for any other members of the club that may wish to travel to the US to participate in ZDayZ. Katie and I would provide pick up at the local airport, we have a guest bedroom in our house for a local visit and can provide transport to and from the ZDayZ venue. It may be possible for the visitors to use our Nissan Rogue for transportation if my insurance company allows it, otherwise it would be 'ride along" in our two Z Cars (Katie has a 1992 300ZX). This would be for one or two persons. The registration, lodging and meals at the event would, of course, be at the visitor’s cost.

Please let me know if any of the club members are interested in such a visit!



With 1 240 and 5 280Z’s in my life let me share something most of us here know but the novice needs to know. When you have the problem with your heater or AC controls not working, and you will, replace all the vacuum lines from the vacuum bottle and vacuum switch to the wall and all will be fixed. I wonder how many unscrupulous dealers charged Z owners big money for this 5 dollar fix. Also for the 280Z’s and ZX’s that won’t start, or start very poorly when cold there is a quick fix. This Bosch system has a cold start injector with a “Thermotime” sensor near the thermostat that gives the cold start injector a ground when the car is cold and starts it right up when working properly. You may even have a car that starts in the winter or cold morning and not in the summer or when the day warms up because of bad range in the sensor. These Thermotime sensors are hard to come by. For a simple fix go buy a toggle switch and some black ground wire and create your own manual choke by cutting into the ground wire before the cold start injector and run a wire to your toggle switch mounted in the car and run the other end of the switch to a ground. Just remember to turn the toggle switch off when starting a warm engine. Have fun, Doc

Hi Larry.

Your kind offer transmitted here : https://www.datsun-france.com/forum/forum/les-sorties-au-grand-air/autres-sorties-généralités/257949-usa-meetings-zdayz-et-zcon

Good ideas Doc - I’ve copied them to our guys here and L28e starts are frequently troublesome, normal after +40yrs.

@jmdoc707 - That’s a solid tip. Nice advice!

I heard an interesting story about Fairlady Z and exporing to US. It was said if the front cowling on Fairland was redesigned to shave a couple of inches off the length, then more relying S30’s could be stored in ship holds to reduce shipping costs per unit. I have one of my three 77’s (one 2+2) left. Fun driver.

13k buys a rare first of 543 z.

All I have to say is that I really like 240z’s. I’m ready to pull the trigger https://turbobuyer.com/itm/1972-Datsun-Z-Series-1972-DATSUN-240Z-/372640315219
Does anyone know of any others that I should consider?

Still looking considering many others. https://pulldeals.com/itm/1973-Datsun-Z-Series-240Z-/293212527605 I wish I could have them all. But sadly I’m not Leno.

My 280z…

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