What Was The Last Project That Snowballed?


I think as auto enthusiasts we have all experienced a project that suffered heavily from the “well I’m here, might as well replace it” mindset. My recent trip down this rabbit hole started as a simple brake job but when I snapped a 49 year old brake line on my '69 Grand Prix. I came out the other end having replaced everything except for the brake pedal. now I’m on to fuel lines after breaking one hanging my new lines.

This is probably my worst trip down the “while I’m here” rabbit hole in a while. Has anyone else suffered an episode lately?


At this point I’m scared to start a few projects that I need to do because I know they will turn into this.

  • Upgrading from single circuit to dual circuit master cylinder (I know a brake line will strip/twist)
  • replacing the carpet/interior (might as well add some sound deadening and repaint that spot in the rocker panel)

Thats just part of owning a car that you work on yourself right?


At least the lines are inexpensive enough for quality pre-bent stuff in stainless. The time spent and the headache of fixing them is the worst part.


I think that if the vehicle is over 30 years old, the answer would be all of them, or more specifically…the most recent one started.

(spoken as one who has been working on the same car since 1988)