What was Your Memorable Time of Your Life


People ask me what time of my life was the most memorable. I reply it was between years 16 - 21 years old. I had a '66 Chevelle, converted it to a 327 with a Muncie 4 speed…worked part time and all my money went into the car…lived at home, went to Lions Drag strip twice a week…dated girls…no pressures of paying rent, paying bills, etc. So enjoyed those times working on my car and racing.


Gosh been a few but two really stand out that got me hooked on H.P early, first was in and around the mid ish part of the sixtys making me a early teenager my uncle that later in life found out was big in the street racing scene which my father hated showed up and took me for a ride in his 65 Falcon 289/271 hp 4 gear ride that he had ordered and purchased new which when it arrived at the dealership was sent to a local speed shop and i have no idea what was done to it my dad said he wasted even more money, but boy was that thing fast it was a puckering experience i will never forget,the next one was years later while hitch hiking into town a guy in a late sixty,s Camaro gave me the ride of my life i believe it was a 396 but i think it was heavily modified it pulled like a Saturn 5 fully lit and the sound was intoxicating that was it for me H.P ruled my life and cars were part of it ever since.


1965 Spring races at Laguna Seca, Ken Miles and Ed Leslie in the factory 289 Cobras, Leslie’s outside front wheel no more than 18" from Miles’ inside rear wheel, drifting through the sweeping downhill left after the Corkscrew ( it was Turn 7 back then, now Turn 9 or Rainey ) at the absolute limit of adhesion for 53 consecutive laps !
Fast forward 14 years, and I get to drift the same corner, right on the limit, in the sidecar event at the AMA nationals. Racing sidecars was definitely a high point in my gearhead life. The feeling of getting a corner absolutely perfect, and having my passenger tap me on the shoulder and give me a thumbs up at 130 + was amazing. I feel blessed that I was able to live out my teenage dreams !