What would you do? To stop you from going to a car show

As the promo… Director of a car show. I ask what would you do?
You’re at the intersection 1000 feet from the main entrance of a annual car show, one you never want to miss. A very well known and respected show. You now see the intersection. Gone. Must take detour. You then follow 100. Little signs that say CAR SHOW. you do this for 7 miles. As your relaxing morning has now changed a bit your like what the #&÷×$&! is going on? You now see the show! 5000 yards from the show. The BLACKTOP IS GONE. gravel dirt crap road. Angry to say the least. And you either go home. Or to the show.
And Destroy your car in a dust bowl?
Please respond as the director of the show. PLEASE NOTE. THE INTERSECTION WAS REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE, 12 DAYS BEFORE THE SHOW. A new venue site is not an option. 6 weeks oh yes could have selected another site. … CANCEL. OR HAVE SHOW? As the director. I did postpone the show until 2020. … Still need your opinion. Thanks

wondering if the daily drivers/riders would be able to drive in through the grass instead of the road?

As far as trailer queen rides go, they shouldn’t be concerned at all, although they would be more likely to complain about dust besmirching their pride and joys.

If they really complain at you, you should point out, at least you timed the show during the summer months, and not during the winter when all of the roads turn into a salty mess.

The local Corvair club in Indy usually has its show at a dealership, sometimes even indoors. It helps that the dealership is a sponsor of the club, if memory serves.

Besides that, most shows offer out Meguiars or other car cleaning products to the runners-up or lower tiered prizes in the awards ceremonies…

I did forget to mention the culverts on both sides if the road. Thats torn up . along with a farm field. .yes you can clean them . but wpuld you be happy at the show?