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We're excited for the latest season of "What's My Car Worth" on Velocity, co-produced by Hagerty, which features Keith Martin of "Sports Car Market" and new co-host Josh Nasar.

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I used to watch this show religiously when Keith and Dennis were hosting. Josh Nasar was a very poor selection to replace Dennis or Bill Stephens and we no longer watch it. I do not appreciate watching someone who makes as many mistakes about cars from my early life simply because he doesn’t know what he is talking about and pretends that he does. He is a terrible host for this show and if they ever decide to replace him with someone that knows their facts and is old enough to know those automobiles at least as well as I do then I will tune in once again.


Agreed…Keith Martin is great and so have most of his past co-hosts been. Nasar is a joke, knows nothing about cars and from what I know of him, he’s a stand up comedian and actor. Get someone qualified to host along side Keith.