What's my truck really worth?


I own a 1972 Chevy Cheyenne Super C20 3/4 ton fleetside 8ft bed. Engine is a 402 BB with the 3 speed transmission. The engine and transmission have both recently been completely torn down and rebuilt. The wiring has been completely redone with an upgraded harness with extra power options. The truck originally had three fuel tanks (behind the seat and two wing tanks). The wing tanks are not there now. I’m retiring soon and am looking to sell the truck because I am moving and can’t take it with me. I’ve had several interested in buying but I don’t know what the truck is actually worth. There’s not much rust (it’s a CA truck) but the wooden bed has rotted out and needs to be replaced. The body isn’t beat up but it does need a good paint job and a few touchups, otherwise it’s a great truck and I drive it everywhere I go. What is it worth? I’ve done the online estimate but was wondering if there are other (human) opinions. Thanks in advance


Hi David, I am the assistant editor for the Hagerty Price Guide and I might be able to add a more nuanced view for you.

From how you’re describing the condition, it sounds like it falls between the “good” to “fair” bracket. Besides the 402 the main item I’m picking up on that might be a boost to value from what we already include in the guide is the Cheyenne Super package. But I’m thinking 5%-10% at the most given the condition.

I’d say there are some real pros to this truck, the 402 and Cheyenne Super package are something that a collector will want badly. Missing the side saddle auxiliary tanks and needing work to the bed, while not necessary for function might be a serious quibble to a potential buyer. If I was to estimate a rough market value, my gut is putting me in the $8,000 - $11,000 range. This might fluctuate a bit depending on how widely you market it. Buyers from the rust belt would be all over this truck and MIGHT pay a tad more. As a Michigan native, my experience is that we either have restored trucks or rusty basket cases. In the southern or southwestern states, it might be towards the lower end of the scale or even a tad under as trucks in that condition are more plentiful.


Thanks Greg. I appreciate your thoughts. I was hoping for a higher number given the amount of TLC and labor I have put into it since I bought it, but it is what it is. I actually love this truck and may now re-think my move. LOL


If it were me, I’d hang on to it as long as you can and keep putting TLC into it where you can justify it. These trucks aren’t going to get any cheaper as time goes on, so I’d sell only when you absolutely have to.