When an Audi cost half of the equivalent Mercedes-Benz

In the 1980s, while Audi put plenty of resources into WRC-level rallying and high-end, all-wheel-drive sports coupés that would help build the brand, Audi was also trying to differentiate itself from Volkswagen, especially in North America. First launched in Europe in 1978, the Audi 80 was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and built on VW’s B2 platform, with all-wheel-drive capability and luxury features that would make it a somewhat worthy successor to the Wankel-engined NSU Ro80.

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Owned a 1984 4000S FWD purchased used in 1987. Hugely expensive to maintain but an absolute joy to drive. Even as a used car, it emanated build quality and was a revelation to me, having grown up on mostly 1970s Detroit iron, for its Germanic solidity and refinement. I think it had only 88 hp, but I beat plenty of people from stoplights.