When cost-cutting hobbled the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky’s sport suspension


'cause nothing screams sports car like Geo Storm. Give it a rest, nobody says you have to like the car, but you’re just being silly with the criteria. Don’t like the GT40 because it only sat one? :slight_smile:


If I had GT 40 money I would still choose something I could use


Different type of car: harder-edged sportiness, I would say, judging from period mag tests of the Honda and the GM cars. Most who bought the Sky and Solstice may have found the high-strung Honda engine (until it was revised for more torque down lower) less pleasant. Not sure about the pricing, but I tend to think the S2000 also cost more, in general.


The GM bailout was an abomination to capitalism. The market did not speak in this instance, the government did. That’s not how capitalism works. That said, currently the Solstice/Sky are an incredible bargain in the used car market.

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It would appear that someone at Mercedes AMG got a peak at the Buick version for their gorgeous $150K + 2 door coupe.


I think I like the Pontiac version better. Of course it will never be comparable to my $20k (a year ago) 2004 Z06 Corvette with 43k miles. :wink: