When the K-car went long


In one of its most popular songs, If I had $1,000,000, the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies sing, “If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a K-car, a nice Reliant automobile.” American singer Frank Sinatra certainly had more than a million dollars in 1995 when he gave Raquel Suarez, his housekeeper of 30 years, his personal K-car. Sinatra’s special K was no workaday Plymouth Reliant, either. It was a 1986 Executive Limousine, part of a short, odd chapter in the K-car’s epic “How I Saved Chrysler” story.

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I actually know of someone who owns one of these. I am still eagerly awaiting a chance to ride in it but it dosen’t get out much.
Last fall I actually saw an ad for one of these that claimed it had been owned by Sinatra. That car was in Texas so unless the car came back from Turkey after a very short stay that claim can be proven false.


These are amazing cars and I’m glad to be able to own one, (the Palomino as mentioned above)

If anyone has ANY info on the Palomino car company (from Pompano Beach FL) and especially any information on the 2 K-Car limo’s PLEASE let me know. I’ve scoured for months and only come up with 2 very vague references to the limos. The one I have was thought for many years to be a prototype or pre-production due to the facts it’s titled as a 2 door, was originally gold (a color never offered), and has a FULL Mark Cross leather interior, (that was also never offered).

The car is currently undergoing a restoration since the Illinois climate where it spent many years in a barn was not good to the car and so far the structural (K-frame) rust has been resolved and all the parts to repair the body rust have been secured. (all from a K-car donor so it’ll be original parts in the original color).

Thanks again to Jim for writing this article and shining a spotlight on these amazing cars!


Registered just to post this!

I know where one is hiding in plain sight: the parking lot of a thrift store in Belfair, WA.


I was out there for a year and visited that shop often - JK’s Treasure, it’s a treat! - but unfortunately I don’t recall what year the car was, but I do remember turbo badging and typical turbo-K offset hood vent… check out the Street View on the google maps link above, hopefully someone can ID it!