When They Were New: 1937 Pontiac Convertible Sedan


In 1937, the United States was on the emerging side of the great depression and the years of deprivation were slowly melting away. Highlights for the year included the opening of Golden Gate Bridge on May 27th in San Francisco. Americans could now lay claim to the longest suspension bridge in the world. On June 22nd, the great Joe Lewis won the heavyweight boxing title by knocking out James J. Braddock in the eighth round, paving the way for his entry into the annals of boxing history. There were also a few mishaps in 1937 as the German airship Hindenburg exploded on May 6th, while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey. America also lost one of its greatest aviators when Amelia Earhart disappeared on July 2nd, and was never seen again. Innovation and technological improvement seemed everywhere, and this was no more evident than in the American automobile. Body styles were changing, engines were becoming more efficient, and Americans were treated to anything from economical transportation to luxury beyond measure. Overall, 1937 was an event filled year that saw the nation in a lull before the storm clouds of World War II gathered.

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