When too busy is too much, go drive

The past year has been one of the most fruitful and satisfying of my life. My oldest daughter graduated from college, lives in Brooklyn, and is taking those first steps into self-sufficient adulthood. (Good grief, where did the time go?) Hagerty launched the Hagerty Drivers Club, and if you’re reading this, you join over a million people who love cool cars and want to save driving for future generations. I also ventured into the world of prewar full classics with the purchase of a 1931 Cadillac V-16 all-weather phaeton. On top of all that, I launched a learning and idea-sharing website (www.McKeelHagerty.com), gave dozens of speeches all over the country, and wrote a book, due out soon, about how to create what I call a “boundless” life (more on that later).

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I am 76 yrs old when not driving also I am 76 yrs young when I am. My love affair with cars began when I was around 8 yrs old. Driving has always been my drug of choice. Even today my wife will fly to Fl from ME and I will drive. My greatest trip so far was in 2011 whe my oldest graandson graduated high school. Together we started out from Maine and drove to Chicago where we picked up route 66. Three weeks later with 578 photos and a lifetime of memories we found ourselves in California. The car we drove was a 1971 Maverick grabber with running gear from a 1989 Mustang including a 5 speed manual. driving sets me free

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That is a great memory edmuff. Good for you,

I recently purchased a 1998 Camaro convertible and look forward to many relaxing drives with the top down this summer. Thumbs up to driving therapy!

Every day in my GT convertible Fox body is a good day :sunglasses:

I have several old cars and love driving them all, especially road trips. My wife and I drove our newly purchased '64 Plymouth Fury Convertible from Oregon to San Antonio a few years ago, traveling Ca. HWY 1 and RT 66. We have driven my '62 Corvette from S.A. to Chicago on RT. 66 and from Charlottesville VA. to Cherokee N.C. on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Just last month we drove the '51 Chevy to Fla, Ga. & back and have made a couple of 500 mi. trips in the '33 Chevy
. As a 40 yr. professional pilot, I have seen nearly every square foot of this great land from the air and I am now enjoying seeing it from ground level. I love the attention my old rides receive during the trips and talking to all the car buffs, old and young, we meet along the way. If I couldn’t drive em, I wouldn’t own em. Nothing can convert a bad day into a good day for me quicker than a drive in an old hot rod with some soda pop 50s rock playing on the “radio”.

Wednesday upcoming -a “Sunday” for us - my son and I are going to explore PA Rt. 125 up in coal country - north of Reading PA. We are both full of anticipation of a top-down twisty-turny kind of day. Woo Hoo!

That’s a great story edmuff. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the pleasures of driving and exploring our great country.

In 1976, upon graduation from PSU, I traded my practical Dodge Duster for a 1972 MGB that I drove exuberantly until my first son was born. Forty years later I bought a 1974 MGB and driving it top down on a sunny day tricks me into thinking I am 40 years younger. Preening it and performing routine maintenance is also mindless pleasure.