When you run out of car space and something has to go


Like many of you, I own too much stuff. More precisely, too many cars. Prior to last spring, I had 11. This included the eight cars on my Hagerty policy (1999 BMW Z3 M Coupe, 1999 Z3 roadster, 1979 Euro 635CSi, two 2002tiis, a 3.0CSi, 1972 Bavaria, and a dead Lotus Europa), plus the two daily drivers—my 2003 BMW 530i sport and my wife’s 2013 Honda Fit—as well as a Winnebago Rialta RV.

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During my 30 year BMW CCA membership Hack Mechanic was the first thing I read when my Roundel arrived. I surely agree with all his choices, especially the beautiful 3.0 csi and the Bavaria. I owned a 72 Bavaria for 30 years and it broke my heart when the frame rust won the battle between my driveway and the crusher. It was truly part of the family. Retirement has allowed me to be less practical so now the garage houses an XJS convertible and a 67 MGB. My numerous BMW’s were all daily year round drivers, including my 2002, 528,Bavaria, 325 convertible and 635 . I love seeing and reading his adventures.


I would also sell the Europa. As is. That way the buyer would not realize you have to take
your shoes off to drive it.


As youmay notice by my user Name, I am a Mopar person. As i have become more “seasoned”, i realized that I had more vehicles than I had time left to deal with. I decided that I needed to downsize. The '66 Sport Fury, I reasoned was the first one to go, sold to a nephew who wanted it badly. The '73 340 Challenger, that I’d rescued from a junkyard - gone; sold on eBay. That leaves the '74 Challenger that I bought from the original owner @ 29k, and almost 50 years later, it’s only at 40k actual miles! The '69 A-100 Sportsman window van, w/ a 340 c.i. heart transplant is still with me, and of course, the '70 Charger 500, (my first car) will still stay w/ me. Now, these three are sharing space w/ the daily driver (MANUAL!) '12 Honda, the '93 Chevy S-10, and the '83 Silverado! Did I mention that I also have an attic full of O.E.M. parts/components/semi-unobtanum parts, etc., results of a lifetime accumulation that also needs to be purged as well? My task is before me, and it’s not an ewsy one! :slight_smile:


I know how you feel, and I only have 4, besides our 2 daily drivers. A '40 Ford Pickup, '65 Chevy Sportvan Custom (thirteen window van), '78 Clenet S1 Roadster, 'n a 2001 BMW 750iL, w/optional ‘Sport’ Pkg. BMW only made 1032 of the 750iL’s in 2000/2001, as the V12, 'n E38 line then ceased, and she’s a thrill to drive. My Clenet Roadster and Chevy Van are both insured by Hagerty, but per Hagerty, the BMW does not ‘yet’ qualify. The '40 Ford, Clenet and the Chevy are garaged inside our guesthouse ‘garage/shop’. The Clenet runs, the '40, which hasn’t moved on its own power since '63, doesn’t, its modified Flathead engine is still on its engine stand after a total rebuild in '94. Our BMW takes up one space in our 2-car garage, our two 4x4 Yamahas take up the other 1/2, and so our daily drivers reside outside. Now retired, I can’t garner up the courage to part with any of those 4, as we’ve owned them all, 'cept for the Van (I bought it last April), for over 16+ years, sigh*. Here’s the BMW…


I just recently retired too and no…I didn’t start in the garage because I’m still working on the house…it took about 4 weeks for that just on vacations feeling to go away and then I started in the basement…I knew it was time to get rid of what we haven’t had a use for or needed for a few summers now…most having to do with patio furniture and years of half full cans of paint…stuff underneath the steps because you couldn’t see it and lots of "I’ll never use that items again…The garage was a bit tricky only having the one EXTRA car and a place for everything until I need to move two things to get it…most of what I have now is well put away and free of clutter…the seasons have changed now and the summer yard tools are now where I store my winter snow removal tools…its not just cars that needs spots to go when they are not being used…we have just one 2 1/2 car garage and I have two of those snap together yard boxes for the other items that lost their space in the garage… its amazing how long you tell yourself “l’ll need that some day” but never need it ever…like the space saver spare I took out of the trunk of my car after replacing it with a full size spare two years ago…I still got it and tucked it away for some reason…My best advice to anyone who thinks they can squeeze another thing in their garage is just think of building another garage all over again and design it to fit your needs not your wants…we built ours about 2 years after we moved in 93… it was empty for about 9 months till we had enough money out of our second refinance to pay for 70 feet of driveway…OMG it echoed when it was empty and now it looks like we have lived here for 50 years…all you need is hind sight…and to stay off the internet…lol