Where are all the British cars in the US?


Recently, we looked at French cars, which are some of the least appreciated and rarely imported cars found in the United States. British cars, however, are very popular in America, especially when it comes to classics. Dozens of British carmakers both big and small have found enthusiastic buyers in the U.S. over the years, and we made three maps to see which brands are the most popular in each state. Each state is assigned a British car make on a relative basis, so while there may be more Jaguars in Michigan overall, its largest percentage share of any one make is Lotus.

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I would be curious as to the methodology used. Is it car insured by Hagerty? Registrations? The reason I ask is that in the membership directory of Lotus Limited the state of Colorado has one of the most entries in the western half of the US with another big chunk in the Pacific NW. We do love our British cars here considering that outside of the front range cities of CO there is minimal population for about 500 miles in any direction, yet we get over 400 cars at our annual British Conclave and have for years.


I am surprised that California is not a hot bed of English Cars. The weather is surely more favorable in So. Cal. than most anywhere. Both for driving and dry conditions. Not because of rust, but Lucas electrics. …Jim.


It’s interesting how the Hagerty ownership of these cars doesn’t necessarily reflect where they were concentrated when new. Cars usually arrived through the major port cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Galveston, and New Orleans. There was also a concentration in the New York area, particularly in New Jersey, because that was where most of the British car companies had their American headquarters. As a result there were a very large number of British cars in the North East, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest and West Coast regions. That has clearly changed.


@lotusross The map is based on Hagerty customers, so we’re probably missing some Lotus owners that don’t know we offer coverage for newer cars that aren’t daily driven.


Thanks Mike,

I was just curious and that makes sense. Now I’d better go talk up Hagerty to the Elise and Exige guysJ