Where do the rest of us fit in?

So I don’t own a collectible, my car never fits into categories, Haggerty events always cater to specific types. I’ve had my car for 25 years, numerous variations, stock, procharged v6, roller v8, 2500 lbs, 6 speed Tremec, 6.3 litre forged and roller, etc, etc. Not stock, not a hot rod , not a collectible, but I assure all I’m as die hard enthusiast as any.

@jendzelscott - Looks like 240Z with a nice engine swap. I dig it! Has to be a riot to drive.

Hagerty exists for all who love cars, be that stock or modified, new or classic, daily driver or show queen. Even if your ride doesn’t fit the Hagerty insurance program, you will always be a member of the club, and can take advantage of the benefits too.

Glad to have you sharing your car here on the forums. Post a wider view if you have the chance. Looks to be well worth admiring.

Thanks for the reply, Kyle. I hate to be whining, as I appreciate and respect all things automotive. It seems so many articles are dedicated to what you should know about Corvettes, Mustangs, Original, Collectible, icon cars. It would be cool to see Hagerty have an occasional article called “You did what?” Something referring to other atypical changes, modifications, unlikely transplants and hybrids that are done because of the passion of the mechanical or visual challenge as well as driving the end result. I’m going on 25 years with this car. I love the design, suspension, bulletproof drivetrain. Great going anywhere on pump gas.

Anyway, thanks for reading and Hagerty has been my insurance carrier for most of the time. Great to have a company that really understands cars.

You fit in that “All American” category of "“I can make it better!!” If it were not for engineers, yes engineers like you there would be thousands of vehicles on the road, yet nothing to grab our attention.
Thank you for being different. You are welcome to my genre anytime, Rod Runs. Might I suggest Solo II, auto-crossing.

Strange photo?? It shows as orange car w/yellow hood and left front fender.
The one showing the engine. Nice selection of power also. I see aluminum heads, coated headers, Is it a stroker?

^Guessing it’s just how the light was hitting the car’s surface and paint.

OP…don’t let anyone convince you it’s not a collectible. And while the term “classic” is subjective, it’s no longer reserved for cars that might show up at something called a “concours” and require you to kiss cheeks while keeping small fingers away from a glass of Pinot. Ascots are for people who are too lazy to tie a tie.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Auburn or Duesenberg, but I also appreciate a car like your Datsun… as long as it was done well. And that looks like it fits the bill. Welcome.

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