Where Does the Mitsubishi Starion ESI-r Stand

For a time this car seemed to be desirable. What happened to it’s value?

I think these are desirable, but I think the challenge is finding a quality example. One sold in Germany at auction with 9,300 miles for the equivalent of $22,000. As of now it is a bit of an outlier. I think the Starion is currently undiscovered by the masses who are too focused on Mk IV Supras, GD Chassis STis and VR4 3000GTs. I think the Starion will see its day as the previously mentioned cars become too expensive and collectors start searching for undiscovered alternatives.

Greg…interesting insights. Thank you. The ESIr had an interesting history…I am looking at an ad on my wall: “It Ain’t The One You Learn On”. The thing is a beast…and seems to have it’s own legend such as the counter-rotating balance shafts that Starion-folks will claim were licensed to Porsche for the 944. The car ran in an SCCA “Showroom Stock Class”…but was banned because of the turbocharger. Lots of enjoyment in these old ones.Picture5_Starion Picture3_Starion

Who knows. For a time they ended up in the local Pulla-Part so, as you say, decent examples are uncommon. It’s not clear to me whether to restore or enjoy the period piece. Thanks for your thoughts. ed