Where to Find Oil Guide Brochure

I just watched to the Hagerty video on selecting the right oil for your classic car (originally aired on August 27) which was great. Thank you Hagerty for bringing in those oil reps and answering a lot of questions we always have.

One of the reps had a brochure on oil and he mentioned that it would be posted on the Hagerty site. My question is where would I find this brochure? I would like to download it but can’t find it. Thanks.

@mdvanbers - Thanks for reaching out. Shell supplied us with that brochure as a download, so I have attached it here for your reference or download.

Thanks for tuning in to our members only livestreams! Is there any topic you would like to see in a future livestream?


Thanks for the brochure and yes, how about how to install an electronic ignition system, specifically the 123 distributor. Could include the pertronix as well. Those seem to be the most common. There are instructions for the 123 but they don’t always seem to work, setting the old distributor at TDC, how to know when the 123 is properly seated and getting the lights to turn on when rotating the 123 distributor etc.

Thanks, Marcus

What a great reference for us old car guys (and gals). Many of us have been looking for just such a guide. As editor for my local AACA Region magazine how do I get permission to republish this in whole or in part in our magazine for my members?

@pappy - You would need to reach out to Shell for publishing rights. They shared that with us as part of the livestream for our members, but I cannot speak to the possibility of further publishing.

Thank you. I will try to contact them.