Which collector garage queen to buy?


I have a fantastic opportunity to buy either collector here both within 30 miles of me. Neither would be a daily driver. Mainly a Sunday grocery getter with a very occasional drive to work.

#1 03 Ford Mustang Cobra, 2K miles, yes 2K original miles. Untouched. Only item not original is oil and battery. Mint, beautiful condition. Redfire, 6 Spd, coupe.

#2 03 Chevy Corvette Z06, 3.6K miles, untouched. Brand new tires, with original tires saved. Mint, beautiful condition. Black, red interior, 6 Spd, coupe.

Decision, which one to buy? Plan would be to keep a few years then sell to move on. Either one I would sell before putting anywhere close to 10K miles. Which one would hold their value better?

Would love to buy both and store them next to each other in garage but can only afford one.

Thanks for your help.

I would look at the insurance rates; and titling/plating rates for your locality if you really are brand neutral in this. Also, perhaps kind of hang out with the local Corvette/Mustang clubs to get a feel for what your peers would be like, and what potential buyers of this vehicle would be like to deal with down the road as well.

After all, if your intent and purpose is to flip for profit later on down the road, you will want to keep your fixed costs lower to ensure more of a profit on the other side of things.

It’d be interesting to know how this works out for you.

Goal is to not lose money on either. Yes I’m brand neutral. I’ll take the low miles because I don’t drive my previous garage beauties much. The Cobra can be had for mid 20. The Vette high 20. I wouldn’t plan on modding either one. Leave stock. Just want to see a few opinions on which one would sell better in a few years if I was to still sell with under 5K miles. If I decided to sell…

The problem with both of these cars is that the newer versions of both are better cars so I don’t believe that either one will ever be a high dollar car. So I would drive them both and pick the one you enjoy driving best. As for future value, the Mustang will probably fair better than the 'Vette as C5s as a whole aren’t particularly collectable.