Which GTO variant is the one to get?


Intent on taking your love for Pontiac to the next level? Well if you’re heading to Mecum’s Indianapolis Auction you won’t have to look far to find a Judge. More than a dozen of the iconic Pontiac GTO muscle cars will cross the block May 15–20. We found ourselves particularly attracted to the four Judge variants listed below. Let us know in the Hagerty Forums below which you’d most want in your garage.

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It’s hard to look past a Carousel Red 1969 Judge with those awesome graphics, but i’ve gotta go with the Ram Air IV because I’m an engine guy.


If I was limited to these 4 cars it would have to be the “70” convertible.


I always liked the original 1969 GTO Judge in Carosel Red. The graphics, bright color and rear spoiler was a trend setter back in the day.


I owned a 1970 RA IV GTO hardtop, polar white with the 400 turbo hydro auto tranny. It handled like a dream and was very quick. Got trophy’s in F-stock at Irwindale and was at the top tier of beating cars on the street. In fact it was rare that ANY street car in 1970-'73 could take it on. Per the attached, if I had the cash, I would bid on the '70 RA IV GTO and would treasure it until my last day. Had a '67 HO GTO, which was very strong too before I got the '70. Loved them both.


1967 all the way, any color will do. :sunglasses:


I am the owner of a 1969 GTO hardtop, it is a real GTO, you be the Judge.lol Carousel Red with the Judge graphics. It has a 400 motor with Manual Trans. Looks like the one in this picture, it is a wannabe the Judge.Drives and looks fantastic.

Captain C’


Forget the GTO altogether. Find me one GT37 any year at an auction this year. 71 400 L78 4sp 4:11 locker if you know where it is; I have a buyer.
Way rarer than GTO with only 6000 or so total units in 2 years and all the same go fast. It was just a car for the smart ones in the know that liked lower insurance costs.
A few lucky guys ordered the 455 L75 and maybe even a couple LS5 made it out.


I’d say if you have to go with unbotanium, you gotta go with one of the Ram Air V Royal Bobcats. Rumor has it that they were 500hp capable cars.


My first car in high school was a 1968 GTO. I also bought a 1970 GTO some years latter. It was the first 400 engine I rebuilt. If GM had done a retro 68 or 70 GTO they might still be in business.


The one I Got a 70 ram air IV Judge I got it in 1977 for $1300 kept it because its going to be worth something someday


My first car was a 65 black on black GTO. I should have never sold it. That’s my favorite GTO! I drove my dad crazy washing it every evening before “going on the prowl”


For 1970 everyone seems to forget the 455 ram air cars. 360hp/500 ft./lbs. of torque , 12 bolt rear end, mine has the 4 spd which are close ratio. Everything the ram air iv is with the 500 ft/lbs of torque coming on at 2,700 rpm and 360hp at 4,300rpm. Ram air iv needed 5,500rpm for 370hp and 3,900rpm for 445 ft/lbs of torque. Cam change and headers on the 455 are killer.