Which of these 5 flavors of Corvette gets your motor running?


From the birth of the small-block V-8 in 1955 to the latest supercharged salvo of the current horsepower war, the Corvette has been the leading edge of Chevrolet’s performance onslaught. (Looking darn good doing it too.) It’s sometimes hard to pick a favorite, and our ultimate garage would have more than one of America’s sports car. Here are five prime selections from the Corvette’s 75-year history that we’d love to call our own, and by the way they’re all going up for bid at Bonhams Greenwich sale on June 3, so they could come home with you.

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While many are enthralled with Chevy’s plastic fantastic there are those of us that have no desire to own one. If you gave me a brand new 2018 Corvette I’d immediately sell it because I have no desire to own one. Never did.


@tommy44432 - You could say there is a seat for every… butt. There are plenty of cars I don’t particularly care for or would purchase, I can certainly respect the person passionate about them.


I think you mean 65 year history. Anyone with car knowledge fact checking/proofreading this stuff?


LOL…thanks for sharing Tommy. Here’s hoping you feel better after getting that off your chest…yet again.


Well…just answered the question. I don’t like any flavor of Corvette. And just reminded Corvette types that not everybody drools when they drive by…lol.


Will anyone over 5’6" tall even fit in a modern Corvette. Our local dealer had one last year and I tried my best to fit in to it, but never made it. I’m 6’3" but in my opinion modern Corvettes and Camaros are made for small people.


And I’m sure they’re glad you shared Tommy. :roll_eyes:

C2 4 speed in any color, and something about the C5 Z06 always appealed to me in yellow. My 26 yr old son likes them too. IMO they’re a value for the performance too.


@jrygg - I “tried on” a C7 a few weeks ago, and at only 6’ tall I had plenty of room. The owner is the better of 6’4" and claimed he was comfortable. He is a very slender and leggy build though, so that might be a factor.

The first and second generation cars though, I have never felt that comfortable in. Those are pretty darn cramped.


1957 Corvette 283/283 hp Roadster (Lot 168) sold for $71,680 including premium
1962 Corvette Roadster (Lot 130) Sold for $48,160 including premium
1967 Corvette 427/435 hp Roadster (Lot 132) sold for $72,800 including premium
1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe (Lot 131) sold for $29,120 including premium
2009 Corvette ZR1 (Lot 167) sold for $63,840 including premium


We (and Bonhams) were pretty far off on those first 3!