Which of these 9 supercars are the best deals right now?


Pretty much anything dubbed a supercar becomes collectible eventually. Like other cars, however, values go through considerable ups and downs. Prices fluctuate as time goes on, tastes change, or the next big thing drops at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Again the XJ220 is overlooked. One day everyone will see the value in what is the best of the lot. and wonder why they didn’t buy one when they were cheap.


Xj220 was overlooked for many reasons the big one is was supposed to be a 12 cylinder not as sold with a 6.and it had too many quality issues


quality issues ? what quality issues. The V6 is a better power plant as has been subsequently demonstrated Engineering over hype. Try driving one… it will change your mind. The BMW M3 is a 6cyl turbo…