Why are these desirable collector cars cooling down?


Great cars sometimes dip to the bottom of the market, and many familiar models continue to drag behind. But there are some new additions to the Hagerty Vehicle Rating Bottom 25 that are rather shocking, at least at first glance. Mid-year Corvettes, arguably the best-looking classic Corvette and one of the best uses of side pipes in the history of the automobile, aren’t tracking so well compared to the rest of the market. Add in some brawny muscle cars, big American cruisers, and classic German luxury. How did it end up this way?

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about values on the 50 and 60"s cars…certainly its true that demographics are against collectors of this era. I saw it very directly with my 41 Woody. I live at the beach here in San Diego. A few years back, the car drew a crowd every time we drove it to the sand. So much so in fact that my wife and i would set up a chair about 30 yards away so that we could enjoy a little time together minus all the interested parties. I recently sold the car at about a 30% discount from its value a few years back…memories are dying out.
There is another culprit though…the incessant TV car auctions, like Mecum’s, come to town and basically overwhelm the market, specially for the 50-60’s era cars. Its true that there are less buyers in general, but its also true that there are FAR less buyers in the Mecum’s audience. The consequence is simply supply and demand at its coarsest: if there are no buyers present at X price, how about X-, or X-squared? The car may or may not actually sell, the consequence is that the value has been destroyed. I cannot watch any more…seeing vintage cars or hot rods with tons of creative fabrication basically given away pains me to the core. Someday I will give my 51 shoe box convertible to someone who REALLY wants it, rather than put in the auction version of the "veg-a-matic!