Why building a Star Wars landspeeder is definitely a good idea

After a holiday weekend binge-watching session of The Mandalorian, my desire for Star Wars vehicles in my garage has been rekindled. Luckily, YouTube mad fabricator Colin Furze created a video that gives me great hope. Watching him create a replica of Luke Skywalker’s X-34 landspeeder just makes me want to build my own—I could have the coolest car in the office parking garage.

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I have a headache after watching that

Very talented guy.One note, if he continues to run a lathe with a tie on he won’t be around very long. Jim


Sorry, The entire season of Mandalorian was not released. One or two 35-40 min episodes is not binge watching. May the Force be with You.

@equipfinder - You have a (very important) point right there.

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Maybe it’s a clip-on tie. I wore those in jr. high school mid-60s. I wish he spoke the king’s English rather than a Millwall sparrow’s.

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Haha… “So little time.” He seems to have a LOT of time on his hands!

I have a Speeder Bike you can drive on the road in my garage. Also an AT-ST from The Last Jedi you can walk around in. Do those count? Check out Vintage Works on Facebook to see more if interested.

There are four episodes out. Does that = binge?

At least 12 hours and midnight = Binge

A friend of mine built a landspeeder out of a Ford Escort about 20 years ago—he sold it on eBay a few years later. Obviously much larger than this one being based on a car. Not sure I will ever have spare garage space for this type vehicle, but interesting project and nicely executed.

Awesome! He should have put 3 Pratt & Whitney jet engines in it. That would make it fly-literally! Agree completely on the short sleeve shirt and tie. Not a good look in it’s own right, let alone in a machine shop! That is not a clip on tie! 'Cmon man!