Why Cragar S/S wheels are timeless


When I was a young man working in a Service Station for $1.25 an hour I never could afford a set. Moving forward to an more mature person and retired from a thirty year job. I retired and restored a 1973 Buick Riviera, while in the process a friend gave me a Buick 430 made only for three years then the 455 took over. So found a 1980 El Camino to put it in. That process a friend wanted to sell me a Set of Cragar Wheels I knew I needed them and paid double what I would have when I was a Teenager. I have had several offers to buy them but will never sell them. The El Camino is a retro mod with new and old parts made to my idea of what I wanted in it.


komzik99 here’s a 21st century restorationcolorCamaro


Bought my '76 Vette new in May 1976 & in 1980 bought my Cragers with the 3 spoke spinners ( no longer available) from Pep Boys in Philly. They’re still on, look great, don’t take a lot of maintenance & get plenty of compliments on them. They are the best!


Thanks Kevin. Now if I only I could find that car, I would buy it back and restore it. I sold it after high school and bought a 1967 911S Porsche for college. That car is worth $200k now but I sold it as well. Yes, I’m an idiot. Haha. Thanks for the photo edit!


They are a classic great looking wheel for your hot rod. Certain cars look great with them installed. Here is my 70 Nova


Cragars were the rim of choice, or the 3-in-1 option on so many model kits back in the day. Don’t see them on many cars around my area today though.