Why Cragar S/S wheels are timeless

When I was a young man working in a Service Station for $1.25 an hour I never could afford a set. Moving forward to an more mature person and retired from a thirty year job. I retired and restored a 1973 Buick Riviera, while in the process a friend gave me a Buick 430 made only for three years then the 455 took over. So found a 1980 El Camino to put it in. That process a friend wanted to sell me a Set of Cragar Wheels I knew I needed them and paid double what I would have when I was a Teenager. I have had several offers to buy them but will never sell them. The El Camino is a retro mod with new and old parts made to my idea of what I wanted in it.

komzik99 here’s a 21st century restorationcolorCamaro

Bought my '76 Vette new in May 1976 & in 1980 bought my Cragers with the 3 spoke spinners ( no longer available) from Pep Boys in Philly. They’re still on, look great, don’t take a lot of maintenance & get plenty of compliments on them. They are the best!

Thanks Kevin. Now if I only I could find that car, I would buy it back and restore it. I sold it after high school and bought a 1967 911S Porsche for college. That car is worth $200k now but I sold it as well. Yes, I’m an idiot. Haha. Thanks for the photo edit!

They are a classic great looking wheel for your hot rod. Certain cars look great with them installed. Here is my 70 Nova

Cragars were the rim of choice, or the 3-in-1 option on so many model kits back in the day. Don’t see them on many cars around my area today though.

I had Crager SS wheels on my new 1971 Camaro SS (still have that car) and, up close, noticed that the center hubs weren’t as shiny as the spokes. Since no one can see the backs of the wheels, the lack of chrome plating never bothered me. I wouldn’t want to pay extra for something you couldn’t see.

I had that exact tire / wheel combo on my Chevelle! Ah, memories!

I think Hagerty left the Cragar S/S off the list to drum up conversation…can’t think of any other reason. Cragars were used across more vehicles then their “most popular” list combined! Why Design, versatility…pupularity! Please…3 spoke wheels popular, where? What other vehicle have you ever seen those on that would make them more popular then Cragars? Even the Honeycomb wheel was not used on hardly any other vehicles except “maybe” as a spare in the most extreme case that no other GM wheel was available in a pinch. Well, Hagerty, you sucked me into joining the conversation :slight_smile: Cragars far exceed the popularity of the list you put together…hands down!