Why Driving Matters: Hagerty Town Hall


Cars aren’t just marvels of mechanical engineering and design, they’re our favorite past time. Now, with the advent of autonomous vehicles, the future of driving seems uncertain. But we’re optimistic.

In an informal and accessible ‘shop talk,’ a panel of diverse perspectives will discuss the importance of driving to our past and present, why we should save it for the future and how we’re going to do it.



Thanks for a brilliant conversation with your 4 experts. Well balanced, challenging and hopeful all at the same time. Now to look for a worthy/ enthusiastic young person to take for a spin in my 1991 Bimmer convertible! Shouldn’t have to twist an arm too hard!


Thanks for the feedback @roberj!

I could imagine you shouldn’t need to look too hard to find a driver, but if you need help maybe you are close to one of our Hagerty Driving Experience locations ?


Unfortunately a fair distance from any of the planned activities. Vancouver will be the one I get to when it happens. In the meantime, hoping our local Vintage Club can coordinate a similar activity this year. Fingers crossed