Why Hollywood’s most famous Ferrari is a complete fake


John Hughes was at the height of his teen-comedy powers by the time he created Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the greatest movie ever made about playing hooky. It opened June 11, 1986—the same weekend, ironically, as Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School—and starred Matthew Broderick as the titular character; Mia Sara as his girlfriend, Sloane; and Alan Ruck as his best friend, Cameron. In a bit of casting genius that is still bearing fruit three decades on, Hughes chose a Hollywood newcomer, the 1985 Modena Spyder, to star in the film’s most important role as the distinguished 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spider.

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I believe one of the cars now belongs to a collector in Calgary,AB, Canada


This is a cool article about the house and pavilion (garage) the car flew out of in Highland Park, about 25 miles north of Chicago where a lot of John Hughes films were made. I’ve seen it from the outside, quirky with a ravine under it. Very cool.


I believe the car that was actually shown going into the ravine was a Triumph TR4, or, TR250.


Keith Knapp and Trey Griffith turned the Modena into a real car. Mark and Neil should receive all credit for the initial design of the car. It was however greatly improved by the team of Knapp and Griffith. These guys are the reason there’s 34 of them out there