Why I Drive: Hagerty’s new video series debuts with a rowdy, home-built Ford GT40


If there’s one simple truth, it’s this: Days you drive that special car are better than days you don’t. Maybe it’s not the fastest, cleanest, or even most reliable car. But it’s yours. And every time you turn the key and hear that engine roar to life, something fantastic happens.

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Love it! I understand how good it feels to drive your creation and live the dream. Which manufacturer did you choose to begin your build? Thank you!


That is a sweet, sweet ride. I love the sound and I 100% agree with you. No car feels better then the one you built yourself. Great job!


What an iconic ride the GT40 is. very cool … Great cars are Built not Bought


I have been a Corvetteaholic since as far back into the 50’s as I can remember. Owning repairing and restoring these great cars for over forty six years but, let me say this. I don’t care what nameplate you show allegiance to, there are automobiles out there that DEMAND your admiration to some degree and early performance Mustangs and surely, the GT 40 are on my list. So, the car in this video had my attention for all the reasons that make up the video itself. Home built, fast, loud, low, wide, and just a gorgeous car while in motion as well as parked. Congratulations on a job WELL DONE. Enjoy!


Quite a Feat , Heck of a Craftsmen , Probably Better than the Original. Ever Think about Building More of them and Selling Them ?? Can’t afford the Original Myself !!!


Very nice car and video, I like the scenery too! I give you a lot of credit, I’m sure it was a lot of work and money involved. It sounds like a beast!


I love this guy - he gets it!! A few years back, I had someone come off the street into my office to yell at me (literally) because I was driving my '65 Corvette in the snow. The car was nice enough but it wouldn’t win any awards because I DROVE IT! That’s the whole point! A 10 minute drive wipes out the worst day of work.

“uncivilized, rowdy, and loud”—… while at the same time he finds it “peaceful” and “meditative.”

You can only understand it after you experience it.


I too am a Corvette guy, and I had a big smile on my face the whole time while watching this video! Outstanding sir… great job with the car. Looks and sounds like a ton of fun to drive this beast. There is something about being able to rip around in a car that you have put a bunch of time into. It’s like being proud of your kids, but you can drive this instead.



I’m in the middle of building one of these myself. My research gave me two options. The kit from Detroit or the UK. I waited 2 years to get it from Tornado. After waiting, shipping and the total cost, I’d lose my rear if I chose to build and sell them.

The Factory Five cobra I built was a cake walk compared to the GT40. My GT40 is RHD and right hand shift like the originals. So far, the build has been exceptionally frustrating. Although, I can’t wait to let my neighbors know which car I chose to drive in the morning and rip through the gears like this guy. Of the all Fords in my building, Bronco, Eleanor, Cobra, Raptor, '34 Ford truck rat rod…this is the one I look forward to driving the most.


Great car, the video makes me want to get my 1966 Race vette into street legal form.!
I haven’t driven it since 1982.


It is pretty uncivilized too.


Wow, that is some car. The sound of the engine is exhilarating. Well done.


Replicars are the best bang for the buck for those of us who want “supercar performance” but are not financially able to buy the “real thing”.
I built my first and only Cobra replica more than 30 years ago and owned it for 20 years putting almost 13,000 miles on the odometer. 3,000 on the street and 10,000 on various raod courses along the east cost from Watkins Glen down to VIR in Virginia. I started my track experience as a novice and progressed to a certified NASA open track instructor.
Like most people I went to a few car shows but soon realized many car show people were more interested in show than go.
I really enjoyed my track days until I ran out of luck on one upstate NY road course and my Cobra was totaled and a complete (except for the drive train ) loss.
No regrets, I would do it again if I was a little younger. IMO I got more satisfaction on the track than I could ever get sitting on a lawn chair at a car show.
But that’s just me


Sounds absolutely phenomenal, and that’s coming from a German car nut. Awesome car man!


Bad***… car and builder


Holey moley, what a car!


You think that car sounds good? You should hear my friend Matt’s Superformance GT40 that he built specifically to track.
It has a 351 Windsor based aluminum block motor that has been bored/stroked to the traditional 427 cubes. I believe he’s running 12 or 13:1 compression (race gas only). Custom built stainless “bundle of snakes” wide I.D. tubing headers that were port matched to the custom flowed aluminum cylinder heads. ZF Gearbox/transaxle. Performance EVERYTHING!
This car delivered @ 590HP TO THE TIRES on the chassis dyno!
When you hear it on the track, you’ll believe the HP numbers to be true!

Here’s a clip of him at Road America doing some engine testing. Notice the sound of his car compared to the race-prepped Vipers and Vettes which can’t catch up to him:



Thank you for all of the kind words. I’m glad you appreciate the car and the effort. Much appreciated. I started with an RCR chassis because of the lightweight yet rigid aluminum monocoque. Lots of fab and modifications. Too many to list here. As someone else mentioned the effort to build these cars to sell wouldn’t leave any room for profit but happy to answer any questions if someone is building their own.



You the man Eric. This guy gets it. To build it with your own hands is really rewarding. A superformance or CAV is a completed rolling chassis “turn-key” minus drivetrain. They don’t sell buildable kits. An RCR or Tornado on the other hand…now that’s a real build. Aluminum mono is the only way to go.
Props to you build brother.