Why I Drive: Jon Rood’s dirt-spewing off-road 1984 Toyota Celica GT


Jon Rood was standing by a dirt road in Arizona, watching one of the first races he had ever attended, when he saw a Volkswagen Golf from about a half-mile out. Something about it was not right. The closer it came, the worse it looked. Rood quickly realized that an entire corner of the suspension had been ripped off.

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I wish I had the technical skills to custom-build stuff like this. I’ve always wanted to turn an old Honda Civic Wagovan into a fun, off-road beast.


Likewise, Ben. My only concern is that if I had those skills I’d be tempted to lift everything in sight (as Jon seems capable of doing).


Unfotunately woefully underpowered for killer offroad action but hey, what the heck.


Unfortunately. Sheesh.


Great Idea - Great Built - Great Looking & I’ll beat Great Fun. I’d be interested in learning some of the specifics related to current springs/shocks and suspension bits/pieces etc used. I have a 35 year old Off Road/Rally Z that needs some modern replacement parts, most of the original stuff is now NLA.


Ask away, Beck! I’m sure Jon would be happy to answer any questions you have.