Why I Drive: This 1964 Porsche 356 is Egg-actly what the doctor ordered


Catherine Sutton’s original plan was to buy a 911—something relatively modern, fast, even comfortable. Just for the heck of it, though, the California resident decided to drive out to Malibu one afternoon and take a look at a Porsche 356 that she had seen listed on eBay. The car came home with her.

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Great story and video. Catherine reminds me of Peta Rimington; I profiled her “Dream Makers” final wish for the Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club national magazine. Peta, from the UK, settled in Los Angeles in the early '60’s, went on to have a career in film production design, and never lost her love of 50’s and 60’s sports cars! AlfaOwner_April_2018%20fullpage_compressed|690x440


GREAT choice; she is a matured beauty !!
I noticed that you drive her for the same reason why I drive mine ?
It always puts a smile on my face and the faces of those who see us on the roads.

Drive her in good health and keep smiling



Hi Catherine,

Great ride! it may be old but its well loved! Your reasons are like mine or mine are like yours. I drive a 1932 Ford Highboy hot rod. No trailer queen either. Got lots of rock chips also. Having older rides and loving to drive them - - - - well its all about life. its part of the adventure of life and you definitely have a great way to live life! Remember, the journey is the destination!

Regards, Jon


I’ve watched the video three times. No front license plate. LR tail lamp not working. And, that’s just what I see in 2 minutes and 44 seconds. Some of us believe that the way we continue to be granted the privilege of operating our collector cars on public roads is to assure that they are properly registered, properly insured and mechanically sound. Given what I see in this video, I have to ask, what’s Hagerty’s position?



Hi Catherine!

I can sure relate, I have a '63 356 that i drive for the same reason.
I’m a little more limited in my driving season as I live in Chicago, but summertime whipping around the expressway in my 356 makes my drive a lot more enjoyable!




Love this video and her reasons for driving her 356. I have a newly restored 1964 356 SC and I use it almost daily. I am surprised that here in Newport Beach I rarely see another one. I guess I will have the join the Saturday drivers only at a Cars and Café (coffee) event.


I liked the broken radio antenna ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love to drive our classic for those reasons as well, but will opt for a modern car if if it’s too hot or raining.
We picked ours up years ago when a friend inherited it, and didn’t know what to do with it. It was not running, so I built a new engine and had to replace the trans, brakes, bearings, steering, etc. So, it’s unrestored, but everything works well, even the clock! It’s only a Karmann Ghia, but the sound of a balanced and blueprinted flat four going through tunnels is glorious.


Catherine sounds like my kind of person; she’s in touch with the special feel & the joy of driving a premium classic car. For many years I didn’t get it; 356s aren’t fast; they’re not roomy, they lack basic comforts like a/c, etc… but as I got older I began to understand; the feel of the steering, immediate response to driver input, the hum of that flat 4, the communication with the road. No, I do not want to drive cross country 3000 miles in mine but for forty five minute drives on a summer’s eve It’s nirvana.


@smccormick - You are correct, it is important to maintain a classic car properly and always follow the rules of the road. Not every state requires a front license plate, so depending on the registered state it might not be required. I can’t tell 100% but it appears the 356 is registered in California, where it is only required to display two plates if two plates are issued.


Same reason I love driving my '57 36HP Oval Beetle around. It’s the next best thing to riding around on a motorcycle eh?

Once I get my ~60HP Judson Super charged motor in it, I could give an old Porsche a run for the $ !



Good for you Catherine. I have a newer Porsche but have wanted a 356 for 50 years! Ignore Steve; he obviously is envious and doesn’t realize CA is a one plate state.


Great story. I loved it. The story resonated with me as I have read it has resonated with the other car owners who have replied to this story. Yes! It is not a hobby or sport for the weak of heart. Old cars cost money to maintain and repair, are dangerous to drive and at times, are a pain in the neck.

I write this reply as I sit and wait with my two dogs for my wife to pick us up tomorrow morning. My 68 Dodge Dart Convertible needs to be towed home. One of the three carbureators decided to start leaking.
I am 160 Miles from home and it is my wife’s birthday tomorrow.
Happy birthday Honey, we need a ride.

Thank goodness for Hagerty Plus Road Side Assistance. They have taken the pain and anxiety out what could have been a “time to sell the car” moment.

Why do I keep coming back for more?
Same reason as Catherine and probable the rest of you, because when everything is working, the feeling of joy, the high, is unbeatable.

Besides, it beats fishing!


Nice piece and nice car, but she might lose the Fuchs wheels–get good money for them and go back to orignal discs…PLEASE.


Love the story and your passion for driving
I live in Mission Viejo (South Orange County) and have a 65 SC that I’ve owned since 1988, what I love the most is that I have to “drive” the car
Modern cars don’t really have to be “driven”, chirps and bells will warn you is something is wrong, air conditioning will keep cool in the summer, and in the winter the heater has multiple settings.
On an old cars like we all like one has to pay attention to everything,no power steering or brakes, hot in the summer and 2 settings for the heater in the winter, off and full blast
Thanks for sharing


If only that tail light bulb had gone out after we finished filming……c’est la vie!

In all seriousness though, comments about the importance of proper maintenance are legitimate. As The Egg and I take part in at least two rallies a year, our trusty mechanic (aka The Egg Doctor) sees her before and after each event for both preventative and proactive maintenance. The only way to ensure that we’ll complete those average 1K journeys without any issue is to ensure she’s mechanically sound. I’ve never understood focusing on the paint and chrome before ensuring the vehicle is safe and completely reliable. The Fuchs wheels continue to create conversation…which I love. The previous owner had her from 1969, and at some point swapped the original rims (which I also have) for these. Personally, I love the tough girl look they give the car….and as they’re lighter, there’s also a handling benefit. Although nothing could have prepared me for how much better she would feel after we fitted Pirelli’s last year….it’s like driving on clouds, truly!

Antenna works – pushed it down when I removed the radio. It wasn’t original, and I much prefer listening to the engine (apologies if I’m starting to sound like a BAT listing at this point, it’s not intentional) … otherwise, like me, she’s at a point in her life where a few wrinkles and signs of our age are inevitable, but we’re happy to celebrate those as examples of the fun we’ve had to get here!


I saw a black '64 when I was 19 and I have been in love with them ever since. I bought a beat-up '60 roadster a few years later when I was just out of college. I sold it a couple of years later. It needed someone to restore it and I had no money. In 1989 I bought a '63 Karmann coupe, Light Ivory with blue interior. It was also somewhat road weary, but I re-carpeted it, re-covered the front seats, replaced or re-chromed most of the bright work, rebuilt the engine, resealed the gas tank, replaced the fuel lines and the brake lines, cleaned and scrapped and re-sealed the undercarriage (it also had only a rear license plate) and drove it to work every day for the next fifteen years and loved every minute of it it. I sold it to help put the kids through college, but wish I hadn’t. I’ve missed it ever since. I finally bought another '63 Karmann a year ago, red this time. It is not the same as the previous one, but that will come with time and miles driven. They are meant to be driven, and we, some of us, anyway, are meant to drive them. Loved your video!


@Kyle In Calif its illegal to drive without a front license plate. I don’t recall ever hearing that the DMV only issues one plate.


Catherine, I totally get it. I will many time take my older 911 out to the Maryland Eastern shore. It’s such a hoot honking out Rte 50. That smile on your face in the beginning of your video is the exact same smile I have… complete contentment!