Why I Drive: This BMW 2002 Tii is all about letting go


Kyle Van Hoften spends his days commuting through Southern California’s infamous traffic. His waking hours, like those of most working parents, are highly regimented: work, kids’ soccer practice, gym, grocery store, home in time for dinner with the family. When he gets in his daily driver to meet these demands, there is always a destination and a deadline. Very little is left to chance.

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I have seen prices swing upwards the past few years. wonder how much Kyle is insuring his car for. I own a 73 Tii as well. Smiles for Miles!


@mklsvg - We can’t disclose Kyle’s policy information, but you can keep up on the 2002Tii market using the Hagerty Valuation Tool!


I own both a 1985 Eurospec E24 (635CSi) and a pristine E9 (3.0CSi). The later is insured with Hagerty and has been for over a decade (I’ve owned it for 30+ years). I keep increasing the value as the market increases. When the E24 was in the shop for some body work, an errant Prius driver turned out of a parking space without looking and hit the rear of the E9. Hagerty’s repair process was smooth and easy. It’s now pristine again :slight_smile:


I have to smile watching the video. As a lifelong sports car lover I have always thought this would be a great car, although I have never even sat in one. From the very get-go they were priced out of my range. I had fellow working for me who traded his XKE in for one; which shocked me at the time. I knew another person who bought the Tii new and said he did so only as an investment; and never drove it. Sad but true. On the other hand, what’s the first few comments about - its value. Hey Miles, you get any where near Michigan - give me a ride, so I can check it off my list.


Drove a buddy’s 2002 many years ago; “tossable” is not a sufficient term. Every car person should have that experience, a well as driving an early 911: both cars are so involving and such self-contained pleasures that there’s no need for a radio or another person to distract you. I prefer the 911 soundtrack to the 2002, to be honest.


I passed my driving test in 1976 in a 75 2002 in the same Malaga colour just like this 73 Tii. I see it has the rare period collect “mag” wheels and H4 headlights have been fitted along with a non standard wooden steering wheel. It also has the correct outside rearview mirror, the small trapezoid one. Good to see these cars being driven. If recall these round taillight cars 68 to 73 had the turn indicators stalks on the right side of the steering wheel. Am I recalling this correctly.


Great memories. Thanks. I went from a 1971 2002 to 1976 320i then back to a slightly used 1973 2002tii (also red). Was unhappy with the handling of the 320i, and really appreciated the step-up from the 2002 in the tii version - not only more power, but better braking, and the suspension felt tighter. Unfortunately as my only car at the time there were eventually just too many miles on it to keep. Still think of it the way Kyle does. Now have a 2012 M3 (second car). Closest thing to a direct descendant. Many of the same qualities, very sophisticated and lots of fun but I do miss the simplicity.


Great story and video. Am I hearing a crunch each time he shifts gears?


The year was 1971 or 1972, in some dorm in Boston. A wealthy Guatemalan named Ramone shows up with a tii. Ramone could drive! (maybe to stay away from bad guys in Guatemala). I went for a few hell rides around Boston with Ramone that included plenty of four wheel drifts - never got stopped. The police must have concluded that little box couldn’t be the source of all that tire screeching. The car got stolen; not sure if Ramone got the car back (it was maroon like Kyle’s). My conclusion back then: how could such a little box be so quiet, so fast, and so solid? The early BMW 2002 tii’s are an unbelievable prize at any price!!


Still have my first car a 71 2002 with dual dcoes. I also have a 67 911s. I agree that both need to be driven to understand the love


yah i agree… that did NOT sound good…


The few years I spent in my 1974 tii will never be forgotten. In 3rd gear you could pass most anyone! Once had a ‘victim’ in my car and he was tripping on acid. He wanted to go home but I wanted to pick up my GF first. He told me I was scaring him to death. Haha I sped up doing 4 wheel drifts at 70 while he melted. Went to put the seat belt on and I told him the passenger sb was broken!!


I not only know that area like the back of my hand, I could swear I’ve seen that car!