Why I own a Nash Metropolitan


After I bought my first classic Cadillac I started going to car shows. The only family member interested was my youngest daughter Anne. At age 10 she had a thing for Nash Metropolitans. At a local show she asked me if she could talk to the owner of a little teal and white Met. I walked over to the car with her and approached the owner. I didn’t say a word, she politely introduced herself and ask the lady who owned “Mable the Metropolitan” if she could ask her some questions after 5 minutes of questions that clearly showed she had done her homework on Metropolitans, The nice lady looked at her and said “Honey, would you like to sit in that car?” The look of her behind the wheel made a great picture that still hangs in her old bedroom.
Senior year as she was applying for scholarships, I mad e deal with her, if she could cover her first year at UC’s college of engineering we would buy a Metropolitan we’d restore together. After 5 weeks she had all of her paper work laid out on the table, “Dad I’ve done it, now we can buy a Metropolitan.” I agreed and reminded her, “Your in a 5 year program so we have plenty of time.” I kid you not the next day the phone rang and an old friend of mine who knew I liked old cars told me his father was selling an old Met he had had for years and wanted to know if I was interested. When God sends you a message like that you don’t say no.
Now after 5 years I have a mechanical engineer and a Metropolitan (named C.C. for Clown Car).


I too like Metropolitans, 5 year restore also. Polly finally finished last month. This is the third Metropolitan I have owned.


I loved the Met story. I would say it was a “good gift” and a “miracle”.