Why is the last Pontiac Firebird worth more than the Chevy Camaro?


In the wonderful world of modern muscle cars, the big rivals are the Mustang and Camaro, and that’s the way it’s pretty much always been. For most of its history, however, the Camaro had a cousin of sorts in the Pontiac Firebird. They came up together in 1967, they weathered the fuel crisis and the Malaise era together in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and in 2002 they died together. Then, the Camaro was revived in 2009 and has enjoyed the kind of popularity that makes us wonder why it ever left in the first place. The Firebird, sadly, stayed dead.

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As an owner of a 1967 Firebird convertible, and admittedly biased, I’ve always admired and appreciated the styling changes that John Delorean made to the F-body when management denied him his dream Banshee.
My personal preference has always been the Firebird over the Camaro even being a lifelong Chevy boy.


The Firebird has always been a step above the Camaro…ALWAYS…Better styling, better handling, faster etc.,I own a Nightshade Green 68’ 400 Firebird with 80K on the clock and it turns more heads than a Victoria Secret model strutting down the catwalk…!
Firebirds are it- everything else just takes the bus…


Pontiacs have often been criticized as glorified Chevrolets… But that’s only marginally true…Pontiac did quite a few very innovative things (i.e. GTO) and the Gen 1-3 Firebirds (and some gen4 models are perfect examples, a little more stylish, a little more performance, etc. I’ve owned approx. 400 cars over 49 years (yes, really), about 10% Pontiacs. Currently refurbishing (doesn’t need restoration, just some bits and cosmetics) a 50k mile 1987 Formula 350 (lighter, faster and much rarer than T/A)


Having grown up when the 2nd gen Birds ruled the roads I was hooked. Every year the cars got better and better looking. Personally love my 4th gen CETA but still have a soft spot for all years with each generation having it own personality but still distinctively never losing their Pontiac DNA. Funny how Birds had motors from Pontiac, Old, Buick, and Chevy placed in their engine bays but still kept that Pontiac Soul.


The 2002 CETA has great lines but the paint color, rims, and decals don’t do it for me. Give me a SOM 2002 SS Camaro instead. Better yet a 2002 WS6 T/A in SOM. Although some of the 2002 black cars have camel or taupe interiors, I think Pontiac missed a last hurrah to allocate some 2002 TA production to have a SE appearance as an option.