Why muscle cars aren’t gaining in the collector car market


I would find another show. I have never been to a cruise night in suburban Chicago where the other "geezers, in fact all of the participants, didn’t respect your ride.


The concept is very simple. It is a generational thing. When a “generation” passes on to the pastures of Heaven…so goes their allegiance to the metal that they grew up with. Model A Fords were cool…until the Greatest Generation has mostly passed away. Muscle Cars belong to Baby Boomers…who are getting grayer by the day. There are some timeless designs that continue to hold value regardless of generational interest. That would include anything related to Shelby, Porsche 356 Open Cars, Italian Exotics, etc. etc. Part of the issue with the muscle cars is operational costs. You have to have some $ to keep them running and fueled. And…as the world continues to be instantly connected, the way of the fossil fuel powered vehicles are on the way out. Fuel efficiency is only the first step. Electrics will…within the next 10 years will be the name of the game. What do we lose? The incredible design and attention to detail that has been a hallmark of artistic effort for nearly 100 years.


The reason why so many even cards go for so much money at the auction is because a big percentage goes to charity


Excellent response! I’m 60, feel the say way, a lot of the comments are true, “the old geezers scoff at…”, seems directed at all baby boomers. Well all “groups or clubs” scoff at something thats not their cup of tea, forget them geezers and do what you like to do. Can’t afford a muscle car, then go build one - most people outside of of the hard core collectors and gear heads dont know the difference. A clean engine compartment, (rattle can paint job!), set of headers, good mufflers, chrome valve covers, Elderbrock intake manifold and Holley carb with chrome air cleaner and bingo, you got a hot rod/muscle car in most peoples book! Doesn’t matter much what it is in nowadays, grandpas’ old truck, grandmas’ Sunday driver or a rat-rod!!! Do what you like and F the rest…


Not just car snobs, there all kinds of stupid people to avoid/ignore in the world. Do I care how much money my one hobby car is worth? Not really. Why should I? I enjoy wirking on it, keeping it original, and it is fun to drive. Main problem I see for majority of people that claim to be “car guys” is that they are only in it for the money. Eliminate the investment types and the snobs and the non-car guys and those few left are who I would maybe like to hang out with. Keep in mind that many of the “snobs” are actually marquee specialists in it for a living. As for millenials, they will all end up with a Porsche or 21st Century Corvette. Then, when their kid inherits it they will take it to a demolition derby and smash it all to hell because it reminds them of how daddy ignored them all those years while washing and obsessing over his true love.


You’ve just described why you don’t drive your grandpa’s Packard.


Well, I don’t know much about the american car market, but I’m a Gen-Xer who bought a Porsche 944, the car I loved in my childhood. My 10-year-old self thinks my 45-year-old self is a bad-ass for buying it and loving the hell out of driving it.

I joined the local Porsche Club and honestly half expected to be shunned because many people consider the 80’s trans-axle series of Porsches to be crap cars. The average age of a P-car owner is probably 20 years over my age, but I’ve found the people in the club to be nothing but extremely welcoming. Many of them had 944s as their first Porsche back in the 80’s and many of them still think fondly of them, so they’re as appreciative of my car as I am of their new GT3s.

$5500 for my childhood dream car, and acceptance from the old guard has been priceless to me. I’m having a blast hanging out with the club members, and having even more fun driving my weekend car, so I guess I’m an outlier. But I will say that the Porsche people around here do it right. I’ve done several CNC’s here and sat next to P-cars that cost over 10x mine, but was always treated like an equal. Every Porsche is respected by people who love the brand, even though not every model is valued highly by the market. If you love the marque, then in my experience, you’re good with them regardless of age or vehicle.