Why the C3 Corvette’s bad rap is beginning to fade

The L82 doesn’t get a value add because we already it as an engine option. We call out the RPO to make it clear.

I bought my first Corvette in May 1976 as a 20 year old. I paid $5,300 for a very clean 454 Air coupe. Brands Hatch Green. 4 speed. Had to sell in 78 for college. Got married raised 3 kids. Have owned 2 GTOs, a Monte Carlo SS and 77 Grand Prix as fun cars til 2015. That year I bought a silver 73 coupe that I love to drive. I paid $10,400. Really wanted a 67, but that is a pipe dream. I have rebuilt all the mechanical parts and replace the self destructing front bumper cover. It is a thrill to drive. My wife and I take it out quite often. I am now 63 years young. When I am gone, my granddaughter gets it. She will be the coolest kid on the block. A timeless design. Want to see a You Tube video of me and the car? Type in George Mattar 1973 Corvette.

“while the C3 is perhaps a little nose heavy” Huh??? The early small block cars are 48F/52R. Worst case big block with air conditioning is 52F/48R. The former certainly isn’t nose heavy. Some say that the later cars with the lighter weight aluminum rearend and composite spring handle better due to their perfect 50F/50R weight distribution.

I have a 1968 survivor 427/4, Lemans blue in and out, perfect unrestored example, drives like a new car. I’d hate to think what a mint survivor C2 would cost!

I purchased a 78 about 6 years ago. I had fallen in love with the C3 when I was trying to grow my business back in the late 90’s and did not buy one then.
I bought mine from a man who used to put it on a trailer, take it to shows and win trophy’s. I told him I wanted something to drive home and it broke his heart.
I did drive it home and barely made it. The left rear brake was dragging so bad I thought it was going to catch fire. Suspension was GONE. I put it in the basement and replaced all the disks, pads, two calipers and flushed the lines. I put in new front springs, shocks and A frame bushings I replaced the rear spring with a composite along with new shocks and a new sway bar. I had the carb rebuilt, replaced most of the vacuum hoses and a bunch of other tweaks to get the engine to run properly.
Now when I drive the car, it’s fun and I get more attention than I want. All I wanted was to drive a C3, what I got was a real attention grabber (but it’s ok). I even got 20mpg on a trip from Atlanta to Grace Land in Tenn, holding it at 65 and never opening the back two barrels.

The photo is from Deals Gap, Tail of the Dragon.

I have a '69 roadster, 350 4 sp, red/blk, one-owner!

Have been thinking of selling after all these years and have a few guys waiting for a figure from me but I can’t seem to decide how much??


@classiccarlover30 - Luckily we have got oyu covered for valuation help! Take a look at the Valuation Tool for your '69 Corvette.

As a Group, the C3 is too large to paint with a “bad rap” brush. The biggest complaint is the low HP of some years, but that wasn’t just a 'vette thing, and folks are “fixing” that now during restorations, wink wink.

Are you kidding me ! I totally disagree with Reggie Horning who wrote this article. C3 Corvettes are one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. They were so popular in demand they made them for 12 years, with sales increasing every year. I have a 1978 Corvette Pace Car L82 4-Speed. And in my opion it is the most beautiful C3 ever produced with the two tone paint, spoilers, leather interior etc, etc. I have people behind me at traffic ligts yelling out " What year is that ? Man that is Beautiful " I have even had people ask me how I like my new C8 2020 Corvette !! haha… I was at a car show and a young 22 year old guy ask me what year, and when I told him he said "Wow this looks way cooler then the new ones " If you park my C3 Corvette next to a C7, the C7 looks like it was morphed from the C3 more so than C4 thru C6’s. I love my C3 pace car and get good offers all the time, I currenlty own a 1957, 1966 and 1978 Pace Car and consider I have the best ones from each era. I do like the new C8. But for anybody to say the C3 isn’t nice is nuts. !! Sorry Reggie Horning, your Opinion is wrong. I have owned many, many corvettes and love C3’s. this is coming from a true Corvette person from 38 years of owning all models.